July 15, 2011

Darker Gyaru Eyemake take!


It's the middle of the night but I want to post this up as soon as possible because I want to post more posts this month. Haha!

This time, I'm going to show you pictures of me trying out a darker eyemake! I've used the new bottom eyelash I bought from Daiso in this eyemake so you can see how it looks like. (^^)

It's a cat eyemake this time! I wanted to create a more mature and sexy eyemake. (^^)

Top eyelash- Daiso No.11 + Dolly Wink No.4
Bottom eyelash- From Daiso

And the rest are camwhore photo spam, enjoy~









What do you think of this eyemake? Or this style? Haha!

I'm sorry for being unable to post more often. Recently the teachers at my school have been throwing piles of homework and things to do at us so I spending most of my time finishing one homework after another. But it's going to be over soon, since all those homework are for book checking.

This Saturday is Bon Odori already, I'm looking forward to it! I still haven't try out any hairstyles yet although I have some ideas already. I guess you'll only see my decided hairstyle when it's on Bon Odori itself.

And that's it for now,



  1. I really like the lash pairing on top!

    When you pull back your bangs you look very sexy with the eyemake. X)

  2. Sia- I like that pairing too. (^^)v
    Haha, looks like I'm going to have a nice dream after reading your comment. X3 *off to bed~*

  3. I really like this make up! It's so pretty :O

  4. awee u look so cute on the pic, I totally love your eyemake, really, should learn more from you ^^ thanks Neko for posting this =D

  5. Oooooh! I do love the dark eyemake on you~ It makes you look a bit older, but not too much. It's very nice and you pull it off so well!

  6. Broken Angel- Thank you~!

    Lina Kim ♥- Haha! There's still room for improvement though...

    キャセデイ姫- Glad you thought so!

  7. love this makeup, and you paired the two lashes together nicely :D

  8. daiso eyelash are so nice ! i need to buy it ! XD Love the eyemake ^^v

  9. Love the eye look ^_^ very sexy and pretty <3
    you look so cute when you cam whore XD love the last picture :D

  10. You look really beautiful with this look apart from your usual cute look~ :D

    In fact, I think you look good with all the gyaru styles~ *w*

  11. lissy- Thank you! I like it too (^^)

    Maii- I love Daiso eyelashes too! There's cheap and good!

    Jen- Aww... Thanks!

    Fanny- Yay! \(^^)/

    Yumi-chan- Thank you~~!

    ELEAN♥R- I rarely do dark eyemakes, haha... I don't think I look good with all styles (> <) One style that I'm sure doesn't look good on me is the Mode Style.

  12. I love the eye makeup! What lashes did you use?

  13. Omnom Neko- I mentioned it in the post. (^w~)v