July 3, 2011

Blogger Award 2011


Today while I was checking out my friend, Jillian's blog, I was surprised that she gave me an award for 'the young makeup guru'.

I don't really think I deserve that title compared to many other make up artist out there. But I'll give my best to achieve that since she has acknowledge me so. Haha!

1)Say thank you to someone who give you this award
2)Write about someone who give you this award
3)Write about yourself
4)Give this award to your 9 blogger-friends

1) Thank you Jillian for giving me this award! I'm so happy! \(^^)/

2) Jilian is a good friend that I met through Angel on Facebook. I guess we love cosplay and to talk about blogs that's why we're able to talk about it. She is one of the blogger friends that I've actually met. Haha~

3) I always have a hard time when it comes to talking about myself. (> <) Let's see...
I guess am the type who is has strong determination, labelled at mature among friends but still thinks that she's actually quite childish, creative, artistic etc...
The reason I started blogging is because I want to share my abilities and tips with others and also to record down certain events that has happened to me?

4) If I am to choose nine blogger friends..... Hmm...

- Kelly Konomi
- Estee
- Angel
- Kiyomi

I don't think I have that much blogger friends..... (> <) Some are using other blogging platforms so I can't give this award to them unfortunately!

And that's it for now! Will try to post another post this coming week before going on a trip! Yay~~~



  1. hahaha thx for choosing me to be one of your 9 blogger hahaha... ureshii~

  2. ~ うさぎ の てんし~- Do itashimashite~!

  3. Congrats ! You deserve it ! Do you have dolly wink no.2 ? I bought limited edition dolly wink yesterday, and i tried it, it so long ! so i cut it, hahha :D

    Visit my blog :


  4. Maii- Thank you! Yes I have it. I bought the normal one. To me it's not that long. (^^;) It was just right. Ehehe

  5. how many dolly wink do you have ?

  6. Maii- I have 6! :D But my favourites are no.1, 2, 4, 5, 8. (^^)

  7. wow so many ! *jealous* that means you already spend over RM 300 just for falsies? Crazy ! :D

  8. Urm... msybe more than that cause I've bought others too... I'm just crazy bout false eyelashes. Hahaha