July 17, 2011

35th Bon Odori, 2011 --- Shah Alam


Yesterday was the 35th Bon Odori! I had lots of fun there meeting up with my friends and taking pictures!

I went to Bon Odori last year too. That time, it was only Jessie and I who went so having so many friends attending this year makes me happy!

Initially I wanted to post it up last night however I was too tired to blog so I delayed it a day. Not too late, I guess?

Here's a picture taken at home before going out. It's when we looked BEST. Why? You'll see eventually......

Upon arriving at Bon Odori, the programmes haven't even started yet there were so many people already!

Met up with my friends at the entrance! Angel, Ally, Ky Ryn, Jessie, Ky Li, Me.

At Bon Odori, if you and your friends are all wearing yukatas movign around, you're bound to be stopped by many people to take photographs. And when one starts taking photograph, others join. And you;ll end up taking forever to go somewhere else. (; ;) Please, let us enjoy too...

The whole night we got countless photographs taken. Many didn't even ask permission and just snapped our picture. We just ignored them and looked away. Hey, if you didn't ask, why should I pose?

My parents even heard some people saying that they should just leave us to finish up their food first. Thank you to whoever who said that!!!

After finally being able to walk into the event, yet still stopped by lots of people and got tons of stares.

Well, to show you how Bon Odori is like in Malaysia, it's an event where our multiracial people attend. Hence, you'll see Islams wearing 'tudungs' (the shawl) even while they are wearing their yukata as a symbol of respect to their beliefs.

The event was really hot and I hate hot places. Because I tend to sweat on my face most of the time causing my make up to smudge and my false eyelashes to drop off. There, my false eyelashes taken off after half an hour? (; ;)

And tips on not sweating on face? Help!

Isshouni Odorimashou! (Let's dance!) /(^w^)/

I've recorded a video but I think I'll upload it later since I need to edit it first. I'll tell you when I have uploaded it. (^^)v

This year, I didn't dance as much as last year since it's the same dance every year so I might as well take pictures of others dancing instead. It's nice to see people smiling happily while enjoying Japanese culture!

This year, I took the courage to ask for photos of Japanese kids! Some were so cheeky they tend to run around when we try to take picture of them but it was fun to see them having fun.

A Japanese family! It makes me go 'aww...' seeing them. I want a family photo like that too... (^^;)

A girl in Yukata. I think she's Malaysian.

The moment I saw her I was thinking, 'How can she keep her false eyelashes on while I can't?!' Maybe it's time to invest in a better eyelash glue.

There were lots of food stalls at Bon Odori all with long lines that seemed to take forever to queue. My friend got me shaved ice with stwarberry syrup while I was busily taking pictures and video of the dance. Thanks!

No matter how the organizers tried to tell people not to show up in cosplays or visual kei etc, there were still people who dressed so to Bon Odori. (- -;) And there were also people who dressed in weird costumes (not cosplay) and wore wigs even when it's super hot.

China costume?!

Even my dad said they looked out of place.


A few camwhore shots with my friends before leaving.

Here is how I looked when I got backed home. (- -);;;

My hair got realy messy as it was an emergency up do since I didn't have time to try on other up dos. It kept dropping so I had to fix it a few times.

And obviously my make up smuged thanks to my excessive sweating on my face.

All in all, this year's Bon Odori was great. I will still attend it next year. And I will prepare 3 hours before instead of 2 hours before. #lessontomyself

Looking forward to next year's Bon Odori!

Well, see you soon,



  1. Love the hair!!


  2. I think wigs are fine, since some people actually wear wigs for everyday life? :P those china costumes are really .. . u__u maybe you might wanna censor their faces? >_>

  3. Joanna- I did a tutorial for Ribbon hair up do before.

    jilliancat- They looked weird in real. Nah, I don't think I'll censor their faces since I've posted the picture up already.

  4. you looks like tsubasa masuwaka in the first pic ! cute !

  5. oops, i mean the second one XD HAHA !

  6. Hi there!! I am one of the participant who wear yukata too~~ You got a really nice set of yukata, kirei desu ne~~