July 31, 2011

Mori girl inspired hairstyle~!


Well, recently I've been playing with my new hair straightener that my friends gave me as an early birthday present.

Straightener is not just for straightening hair, it can also be used as a curler!

I'm not wearing a wig, it's my real hair! I made it really puffy like cotton candy~ Haha!

This style was inspired by Mori girls (Forest girls). They always have airy curls or super puffy curls! It's a very cute style!

It's really dolly like, isn't it? So now I'm going to show you how to curl your hair into this!

So here you see how my hair is like before styling. I only brushed my hair to get rid of the tangles.

Hair straightener to the rescue!

This straightener heats up really fast to 180-200 degree Celsius!

First straighten your hair. This is to heat it up before curling.

Next is to curl your hair with the straightener. What you do is you flip is 180 degrees inwards or outwards. Flipping inwards creates curls that curl outwards while flipping outwards creates curls that curl inwards.

I find that the more times you repeat the curling, the smaller the curl gets. Just remember to curl it in the same direction as before!

It's more time consuming for healthy hair to curl it this way. I would suggest you to use a small diameter curler (about 19cm) to create the same effect.

Continue curling the rest of your hair in this manner, Outwards -> Inwards -> Outwards and so on.

When you're done curling, separate the curls by running your finger through them. This will give more volume to the hair.

Lastly, tease it a little bit with your fingers.

Keep continuing this process until you reach the top. Spray to set your hair if you wish to.

And that's it!

Have fun with your cotton candy like hair! (^w~)

Eyemake for this look.

Since it's Mori girls inspired, I tried to keep it as forest girl like.

I used warm tones for this look and also a brown eyeliner to keep it as natural as possible. I didn't wing the ends of the eyeliner that much since I wanted a round eyes look. Even my mascara was brownish!

Top lash - Daiso Cross Type No.3

I love this eyelash as it has a slight brownish tone on it so it helps creating a natural look.

What do you think of this eyemake? Do request for a tutorial if you think it's nice~ (^^)

And that's it for today!

Good Night!
July 28, 2011

The Reason Behind Unsuccessful Diets!!!


Have you ever tried going on a diet but gained back more fats than before you go on a diet?

If yes, this is called a rebound!

Yesterday, while I was watching some videos on Youtube, I came across this video that explained about why some people gain more weight than before they go on a diet.

I thought it was really nice to understand how our body works so I'm going to tell you what they have said in the video. I'm not very good in Japanese, but I will give my best in explaining the important points to you. (^^)

Summer, the season where people will wear thin clothings...

You, who are thinking of going on a diet, but is facing some troubles.

Here is Nakamura-san who's 52kg before she went on a diet. A month later, her weight decreased to 50kg! However, soon later the rebound process occurred and her weight increased to 55kg! That's 3kg more compared to before going on a diet.

Among 4 women, 3 of them had experienced a rebound process.

So they looked for the best professional in treating overweightness, Ono Makoto-sensei. He was the person who found out the way to measure body fat. Ono-sensei is going to tell us why rebound process occurs!

First, Ono-sensei explained that in human's body, 60% to 70% are made up of water. Even our body muscles contains water. However, only in body fats, water and fats cannot be combined together so there is no water in fats. And by using a electrical body fats measurer, it will tell you how much fats you have on your body.

For women the ideal body fat in her body shouldn't exceed 25% but for men it's 30%.

Then, the guest explained the dies the has gone through. Ono-sensei commented that he thinks that if you lose weight too fast, it's most likely that a rebound process will occur. He also said that no matter what type of diet you are going through, there should be a pause of a month.

The first month of a diet is the most important of all. At this phase, you body is experiencing a major change so if you underwent an extreme diet, it's very likely that a rebound process will occur.

They showed a picture of Takana-san before her diet. She was 57kg. After a month, she was 52kg. However, her weight increased to 63kg soon after, which is 6kg more compared to before she went on a diet.

Ono-sensei then explains how the rebound process occurs. Let's say the daily energy needed is 100. If you eat 100 amount of food a day, you will not gain weight. But if you consume 150 amount of food, the remaining 50 will turn into fats stored in your body.

Let's say a person goes on a diet. The amount of food consumed is 80. This means that there are remaining 20 amount of food left to be filled up with. How will your body fill up the remaining amount? Your body will use the fats stored to fill it up. And this will make you slimmer.

So if this goes on for a month and the person can cope with it, the amount of food needed will decrease from 100 to 80. So if the person continues to consume 80 amount of food for a month, there will be no increase or decrease in the person's weight. And this is called the pause during a diet.

Ono-sensei also explained that if you keep decreasing the amount of food intake, your body will eventually be lacked of energy and it will break down. Many symptoms such as skin break outs, hair fall and menstruation disorder will show.

One of the guest commented that when she was a student, she experienced an apple diet. The results were that her weight decreased rapidly from 50kg to 38kg. However, her hair keeps falling off when she got thinner.

Then, Ono-sensei said that most people don't want to experience a pause in dieting. Since they have decrease their food intake, they hope to see that their weight will decrease too. So they will change their way of eating.

In our body, when we are full already, leptin will send a message to our brain telling us that we're full already. However, when there is not enough leptin due to a very low calorie diet, the signals cannot be sent to the brain hence causing us to uncontrolled food intake.

And there! I've translated all the important points of this video. I hope you learnt something because I sure learnt a lot! Science is usually boring to me but when it comes to dieting stuff, I get really interested in it.

I hope you understand my long translation. I wanted to make sure that you understand it well (^^)

Now that we know how our body works and what type of diet we should undergo, I wish you good luck in slimming down! \(^^)/

See you soon!!!
July 26, 2011

Mini Cosplay Talk + My Cosplay Plans 2011


Do you know what is cosplay?

Cosplay is short for costume play. It means wearing a costume of a character from Anime or a Singer's costume and be like the character when you're in the costume.

Personally, I love cosplay! It's not just about behaving like a certain character while wearing the costume, it's about the fun and hard work you spent while saving money and making the costumes or props.

It might seem to be a waste of time and money for some, but when you try to do something by yourself and achieve results, you will feel much joyfulness. Well, everyone has their own interest right? (^^)

As for me, I started cosplaying since year 2009.

Here's my first cosplay. I felt reluctant to post it up but oh well...

I looked so weird in photos. (> <) I didn't even expect people to be taking my photos.

I was cosplaying as Hiyori Tamura from Lucky Star. Initially I wanted to cosplay as Konata, but being a first timer in cosplaying, I didn't know how to find the suitable wig for the cosplay and came up with this last minute character change.

I have long black hair so I only needed a pair of glasses. Hehe (^^;)

Although is wasn't very good, but I might just cosplay her again? Since I want to perfect my first cosplay. Ahaha...

Here's my second cosplay as Kiyal Bachika from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

I have improved a lot from the previous cosplay, I think. It took me a long time to collect each pieces of this cosplay slowly and I also DIYed some items. You can see them here:

DIY process of Kiyal's Belt and Hair Clip
Cutting the wig

I don't see many people cosplaying Kiyal but she's really cute! Although she only has a minor role in the series, I think her character looks cuter than most girl characters? Haha!

This year will be my third year cosplaying! After confirming it with my mom, I can finally reveal my cosplay plans for Comic Fiesta 2011(CF for short)! \(^^)/

My first cosplay plan for CF will be The Legendary A Girl --- Konata Izumi!!!!!

I'm super excited about this cosplay because I can finally get the wig and to cosplay my all time favourite anime character! Although, I need to dye the wig a bit just like I mentioned before, I'm stil very excited to cosplay as Konata!

I'm going to be happily walking around the venue that day and take pictures of cosplayer. (^^) I don't usually buy doujins like her but I enjoy taking pictures of cosplayer.

For my second cosplay it will be Vita from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha!!!

I'm MEGA excited for this cosplay! I am finally going to try something more complicated this time.

I absolutely love Vita's personality in the anime. She's a Tsundere type that has strong determination and is a good teacher too. I know, she looks small but she really has those qualities.

This cosplay will cost me a lot of money. But I think it'll be worth it as I am not planning for a new cosplay next year. Hehe... (^^;) My estimation right now is that this cosplay is going to cost me around RM650+?

So do you cosplay? If yes, which is your favourite cosplay so far and which cosplay do you wish to do?

Do tell me in the comments section! I want to meet more cosplayers and we can all share tips and experience with each other! \(^^)/

Well then,

July 24, 2011

Dusk, The Golden Hour


If you have read a little bit on photography, you would know that one of the best timing for photographs to be taken is at dusk. Hence, it is called The Golden Hour.

While I was on my way back during my last trip, I had the chance to watch the sun set from the bus so I thought I should snap a few pictures. (^^)

Recently I've been very interested in taking good pictures. I get tips mostly online and I only have a normal digicam.

It's quite challenging but I like it. (^^) Sometimes it's not about the camera, it's about the photographer, don't you think so?

But I would like to invest in a DSLR in the future too. It looks really fun to be able to take pictures with so many effects.

Well, I hope you enjoyed viewing those pictures. Please leave a comment below. (^w~)


Day out with my classmates! + Today's buys!


Today I had a fun day today with Ally, Jessie and Carynn!

Outfit of the day.

Decided to wear this onepiece for the first time. I added a vest so that the puffiness of the onepiece doesn't make me look so fat. (> <)

Before meeting Ally, I went to Sungei Wang to get some new stuff and to buy things for the upcoming GIVEAWAY!

It was a rainy day today so my make up melted a bit and my hair was in a mess. (> <) We had to walk from Fahrenheit 88 to Pavilion in the rain.

Later, we decided to get food at Beard Papa. I got a coronet! I love this better than the cream puff. Haha!

Trying out a floral shirt at Cotton On. I'm starting to love this brand! The picture is blur but I like this pic.

Here's Ally trying out a headband with a fringe wig. It's so funny to see an item like this!

Finally met up with Jessie and Carynn. Here's a picture with Jessie. You can see how short I am. (; ;)

Mostly we just walked around and did window shopping since we can't really buy much things in Pavilion as the shops are all branded shops...

We also saw that there will be a 'Tokyo Street' opening soon. I want to go there already!

Had dinner at T.G.I.F. It's my first time there!

'Give me more Friday's' -----> Ask Rebecca Black.

In my opinion, the food there was overpriced and not everything was good. I can have better food at a cheaper price. Maybe people like to have fun there or enjoy the retro interior?

Here are some of the things we ordered... Nachos, Tacos, Risotto and my drink called Strawberry Surprise.

We went home after dinner. So here are what I bought today. You will only see the things that I bought for the giveaway next month. Hehehe. Even my friends didn't get to see them. (^^)

New eyelashes!!!

I'm so crazy with eyelashes. These are all featured in Popteen recently.

Sophie Monk Beauty face mask and Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton Wipes.

A necklace which turns colour according to your mood! It came in 'Best' and 'Friends'. I took the 'Friends' one while Ally took the 'Best' one. (^^)v

New pair of sunglasses from Forever 21! It's my first time purchasing sunglasses and my first time buying something from Forever 21! My previous sunglasses didn't give much help in protecting my eyes from the sun so I thought I should get one that can protect my eyes.

Floral top from Cotton On.

Also, today Carynn and Jessie surprised me with a super early birthday present. My birthday is on 31 October but they gave me my present four months earlier?! (O_O)

And it's not just a normal bag...

Inside it was a hair straightener!!!!! I was really surprised to receive such a present! A long time ago I blogged that my hair straightener was broken by my younger brother and since then I haven't got a new one. Till now.

Thank you soooooo much!!! I'm super happy. \(^^)/

Lastly, two camwhore shots before I left home today.

And that's it for now,

See you soon!
July 22, 2011

Trip to Kelantan and Terengganu!

Hello again!

Weeks has passed yet I still haven't post on my trip to Kelantan and Terengganu. They are some of the states in Malaysia. I haven't been to both so it was nice to visit places I've never been to.

Yet, the trip wasn't as pleasant at all... We had a terrible tour guide, terrible tour schedule, terrible bus etc. (- -;)

The tour guide decided to take the longest route to Kelantan just because she heard that it has a nice view along the way. And the nice view was this bridge. (- -) And it took us 13 hours to reach Kelantan thanks to this.

And oh, before proceeding, I need to tell you that the tour guide herself hasn't been to neither Kelantan or Terengganu before. I couldn't believe it when she told us that. I thought, if you can get our money and bring us to somewhere that you haven't been to before, I might as well be the tour guide. It makes no difference, right?

During the bus ride, every passenger smelt a strong smell of petrol. Someone complained about that smell to the tour guide and she replied, 'Ah, situation like this happens once in a while.'

It was so terrible I felt like vomiting in the bus. (> <) I don't get sick on long journeys but the petrol smell was terrible.

So when the bus stopped to let us take picture of the bridge, the driver checked the bottom of the bus where the luggages were stored, he found out that the extra tank of petrol he filled actually spilled due to his carelessness of not screwing the cap of that extra tank tightly.

Which means I was nearly dead. (O_O)

Just a spark of fire could burn the whole bus up.... It makes more worried about bus rides now.

Most luggages were soaked with petrol, but I was one of the lucky ones whose luggage was in perfect condition. Phew!

We reached there about 7pm and had dinner. That place was filled with houseflies so it was another unpleasant experience.

Later we went to a market called Pasar Wakaf Chek Yeh to get some clothes since many got their clothes soaked with petrol...

Day 2

Bird's eye view of Kelantan from the apartment we stayed at.

We had this for breakfast. Apparently it's the famous Kelantan rice? #untrustabletourguide

After breakfast, we went to see the largest sitting Buddha in Malaysia.

With my cute grandma who has just came back from Canada. (^^)v

Then, we went to see the largest sleeping Buddha in Malaysia.

Beyond this is Golok, Thailand. I was so close in going to another country. *sulks* (;3;)

Rantau Panjang, Duty free shopping for shoppers~

I was expecting myself to get lots of goodies around here... But I got none. Most of the things weren't nice at all. #disappointed

We also went and look at some famous craft works of Kelantan like Batik, Wau and Copper.

The Beach~~!!!!!!!!!!

It was one of my main purpose of the trip. To see the beach. Hahaha!

The reason why you didn't see much close up picture of me is because throughout the whole trip, I only applied mascara. There wasn't even time to put on make up since we start our journey early in the morning.

Unfortunately, the camera battery died after I took a few shots of the beach. (; ;) But I think I manage to get some good shots? Hehe...

Later the day, we were given free time to explore around by ourselves. Dinner was not included that night so looking for a place to eat was our top priority. Haha!

Here's a fun fact about Kelantan.

At Kelantan, Friday and Saturday are like Saturday and Sunday. Shops open on Sunday like it is on Monday. We went there on Friday and Saturday thus most shops were close.

And after 30 minutes of search, we finally found a Thai-chinese style restaurant. Although it looked old, but the food was great! And it wasn't very expensive either.

After dinner, we found a complex!!!!! KL peeps will always be KL peeps, we can't survive without our so-called 'proper shopping'. We were practically squealing as we enter the complex. Although it was very small, it was enough to let us feel a little bit more like home.

Day 3

We woke up around 6am then started our journey to Terengganu. As we reached there, we had breakfast at a local market.

Later, we went to another Batik store then to a museum. Nothing much there so I just stayed in bus and waited for the others.

We went for lunch somewhere around here. This gate reminds me of Jonker Walk at Melaka. They're so similar!

The last spot was to see the Crystal Mosque (Masjid Kristal) at the Civilisation Park where the tour guide made the stupidest mistake ever.

She brought us to the wrong location AND claiming it to be the Crystal Mosque!!!!! It was so obvious that the mosque that she brought us to wasn't the one in the intinary. The mosque she brought us to was the floating mosque and it was pure white.

When someone asked her where are the crystals she replied 'They are in the mosque'. (- -)*

If you don't understand why we got pissed off, it's because there's a rule where only Muslim males go into mosques to pray. Why did she even brought us here when we can't go in and see the crystals?!

We're not 3 years old kiddo, you know. In the end we had to correct her. (- -;)

Comparing both Kelantan and Terengganu, if I am to go back there, I'll definitely choose Terengganu. There are mosre to see that and more to shop there. There are also famous islands like Pulau Redang in Terengganu.

Well, I guess this trip is the most unpleasant trip I've been so far. I hope I won't encounter such trips next time.

I hope that you have learnt more about Malaysia if you're an overseas reader. (^^) I think Malaysia is really beautiful if you know how to appreciate it. Sometimes people think I'm weird for being so patriotic but I guess if you can see through the negative things, surely you will know what is good about something. There will always be good and bad right? (^^)v

That was a long post, so bye for now!

Good Night!