June 25, 2011

Side swept bangs tutorial

Konbanwa minnasan!

Today's tutorial is going to be on side swept bangs. (^^) I purposely grow out my fringe and resist the urge to cut it to show you this. Ehehe...

If your fringe is too long and you don't have the time to get it cut, what should you do? You could pin it up but some would not like to show their big forehead. Then you can choose the alternative of creating a fake side swept bangs!

First, 'sweep' you hair to one side. don't tug it too tightly, you want it to be a little bit roundish.

Pin it in place.

Next, take a section of hair then bring it to the other side. Twist it a little bit before pinning it.

You have to use a section of hair because you want to cover up and fringe that falls off and keep them in place. It's like wrapping them up. Get it? (^^;)

And you're done!

I think it might look nice on some people, but definitely not me. (●´ω`●)ゞ

It's really fast and easy, don't you think so? Hehe

Anyways, I have a question... Does any of you ave any tips to stick the top false eyelashes so that it can be seen in photos? Somehow I just can't get my Dolly Wink eyelashes to show up. Is it because they are too soft? ( > <)

That's it for now. I'm nearly done with my school work so hopefully I can blog tomorrow too! (^^)

See you!

p.s: Don't forget to catch Tokyo Kawaii TV later!


  1. nice tutorial ! About the eyelash, do you apply your false eyelash when your eyes closed? I always do that, and my eyelash doesn't show up in pic too. Try to apply eyelash with opened eyes..i hope it works !

    Visit my blog if you have time ! ^^

  2. Maii- I open my eyes when I do that but it still won't show up. I think maybe I have to use double eyelid tape or something to make my eyelid more parallel?

  3. emm, i never use eyelid tape before so i don't know, sorry :'( maybe because you capture pictures too high?

  4. Maii- Nope, it still looks the same when I look into the mirror. (> <) It's so good that your crease is high... :3

  5. tehee, btw, i love your ageha eyemake tutorial ! Can i know, what is the price for the daiso eyelash? I never go to daiso before so i don't know ><

  6. Maii- everything in Daiso is RM5! :D

  7. aah your fringe is really cute! I just got a bang-cut today. and now I have a full fringe, thanks for the post anyway =D


  8. cute tutorial! But if I try it, it would probably turn out strange = =

    I had the same problem with dolly wink lashes too T T
    But I found that it kinda helps when you put the lashes onto your eye, you start pushing the lashes upwards with your fingers while it dries..if you got what I mean. I'm really bad at explaining > <
    or, you could try and gently curl it with an eyelash curler~ very gently, because I find that if you curl them too hard, the stalks of lashes go out of shape.

  9. OMG, really? :D *dancing* so cheap i wanttt. Thanks for the info !

  10. Lina Kim ♥- I need a haircut soon too! X3

    alycie- FInally someone who has the same problem as me!

    I did push it up but it only lasted for a while. (- -;) I guess curling it would be the only way then... Thanks for you suggestion!

    Maii- Yup!