June 27, 2011



I've been really busy these few days! I'm currently helping my class to do most of the decorations for our cafe on Canteen Day this coming Thursday!!!

It's a World themed cafe! A few friends and I are in charge of the decorations! I'm not very good at interior designing, but I'll give my best! (^^)v

Also, I will try my best to take as many pictures as possible to show you~ It's going to be awesome, I think. I'm quite happy because my classmates showed a lot of enthusiasm in working together to organize a successful cafe.

And yes, that day I'll be wearing my yukata with Jessie and we'll be doing advertising around the school. (^^) Well, actually we're told by our teacher to do so... (-w-;)

And that's it for now. I need to get back to work or they'll pile up more... (; ;)

Bye bye


  1. this thing reminds me of a school festival day in Japan, while a girl in yukata do the advertising and attract ppl to come =D

  2. Lina Kim ♥- Yes! It's really similar to that! :D

  3. wahh, sound fun to me ! I want to go to your school canteen day ! :D