May 14, 2011

Pink wig~!!! + Pink x Purple eyemake


Pink hair!!!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates since I'm still having exams right now. I just finished my Malay and History paper 1. It's quite hard this time... (; ;)

Anyways, since it's weekend, I decided to do have a little fun. (^^) I finished watching Yumeiro Patissiere in four days' time. Haha! It was really cute! And the sweets they made were so delicious looking!

Back to the topic, since it's a weekend, and I wanted to have some fun, I decided to put on my pink wig. Hahaha! Also, I included a tutorial to my eyemake this time. Pink x Purple eyemake! \(^^)/

Here is how the eyemake looks like. Pink eyebrows to match with pink wig. (^^)

First, apply Vanilla by M.A.C all over your eye area.

Next, apply Pink Pappilion by M.A.C up to your crease then blend it out.

Using the deep pink above (It's by Dior), apply it at the inner corners of your eyelids. slightly blend it into Pink Pappilion.

Next, apply Hepcat by M.A.C on the outer V. Blend it outwards to create a little bit of cat eye.

For the bottom eye area, I mixed Scene and Hepcat by M.A.C and apply to the 1/2 of the bottom eye area then blend it so that it looks softer.

Then, highlight the inner corners and below the brow bone. I used Sugarwhite by M.A.C

For top eyelash, I used No.13 Kiss Me eyelashes. As for bottom lashes, it's Dolly Wink No.6. (^^)

I'm sorry that I missed out the picture for the eyelining part. The eyeline style is Neko maru me. Which means Roundish Cat Eyes.

Apply pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, I used Rose Quartz by M.A.C. As for the lips, I used Myth by M.A.C all over my lips then I blended in Flavour by M.A.C for a more dolly lips look. I will be doing a post on that soon. (^^)

Gosh, I really hate panda eyes! Even with concealer, it didn't manage to cover it completely...... (; ;) Exams have made me lack of sleep lately. Today while I was having tuition I was actually nodding off and my eyes were mostly shut. It was so embarassing! But my eyes weighed a ton...

Please oh please, let the exam pass and let the holidays come soon~~!

Finally, a pic of me holding a jar of sweets and getting all excited because of the yummies in it. Please don't mind my silliness (-3-)

Ok, byes~!


  1. niaaaaaaaaaa i love it so kawaii

  2. awee your Neko maru me looks like a winged angel style ^^ actually it's cuuute~

  3. Lina Kim ♥- Hehe! Winged angel style... (^^);

  4. yunnie- It's my first wig ever. (^^) It's cheap korean fibre wig so it's not heat resistance. But I like it anyways. Hehe

  5. Do you know where to buy Diamond Lashes in Malaysia? Online stores are fine too! Thanks ^^

  6. Anonymous- So far I've not heard of anywhere. But I think you can get from their online shop,

    I have not bought Diamond Lash before but I know that it's cheap now since the conversion rate is low. I think it's around RM40.

  7. How cute!! You should have done some super cute pink nail tutorial aswell.
    I added one on my blog, but its too dark for your makeup and hair.

  8. cutesy♥kawaii- (^^)v

    kuumelon- I can't do my nails because I have school. (^^);

  9. You look really cute in your piccy! I'm going to be wearing a pink wig at the next anime convention and I think I'll use your tutorial as reference!
    Just a quick question, what did you use to make your brows pink? I've checked other sites and they all use paint but it looks like they shaved off their brow and painted on a pink line... scary! >.<
    Your brow looks really natural (as natural as pink brows can get anyways lol)! How did you do it? :D

  10. HappyBerry- Thank you! What I did was using the pink that I showed above, I filled in my brows with it using an angle brush. I saw people who shaved off their brows before too... There are methods where people conceal up their eyebrow using concealer and gluestick too. You can go youtube to search for them. (^^)