April 5, 2011

Sakura from Japan


A few days ago I told my Japanese friend, Mi-chan to send me some photos of Sakura flowers in Japan. So I want to share them with you. (^^)

These are taken in her recent trips to Hiroshima then to Okayama.

In Hiroshima

In Okayama

I love these photos of Spring! They are so lovely~

I hope that the Spring season can help giving Japanese a new hope and let them be strong even after those natural disasters.

I will do a look for Spring soon. (^^) Are you excited for it? Hehe.

Anyways, today we had sport selection at school and we had to carry out activities under the hot sun for hours. So when I reached home and looked into the mirror, I got darker!!! (; ;).....

So I hope that I can get some tips on how to get fair skin again using natural home remedies. Any help?

One thing I hate most about tans is when you take off your clothes or accessories that you had while you're in the sun, you have a two toned skin! It looks really awkward and funny... (> <);

Well then,



  1. sakura is the most beautiful flower in the wooorld >.< love it too~

  2. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린- Sakura are beautiful~ (^^)

  3. I hear having a bath in lemon juice is good~ and always use after sun cream! Even if you don't think you've tanned.

  4. さくらピクセル- Ah! That's too bad since I shower at home not bath... > < Yes, I'm using whitening lotion now. Hopefully it'll help!