April 24, 2011

How to use Roller Massage!


Today I want to share with you about some tools that can help you slim down! I'm sure many are interested in body slimming, right? Because I know I am. (^^)v

What I'm going to tell you about is Roller massage!

I first found out about these when I looked through some Japanese magazine scans. However, at that time, I didn't know how to read Japanese yet, only knowing they help to slim down (Since it was under some massages and stretching part). Later, I found out about their benefits and then started to use them! By the way, roller massage are known as korokoro in Japan!

What are the benefits of roller massage?
- Slimming down a certain part
- Relief muscular aches after shopping or sports
- Getting rid of cellulite
- Improves blood circulation
- Lymphatic massage

Types of roller massage!
There are many types of roller massage! From face, nose, bust, arms, waist, thighs, calf etc. Just to list a few~

Face, double chin


Arms, waist, thighs, calf


Calf, thighs


Some Q & A about roller massages~
1. How long should I roll it?
About 10 minutes!

2. Do I need to use much force?
No! Don't roll it too hard on your skin! You might get red spots, red patch or even blue black! Just gently roll it on your skin. It might turn slightly reddish but that's ok since it's helping with the blood circulation. It will fade away a little while later.

3. How to I roll it?
You must remember to roll it in ONE DIRECTION!

4. How long does it take to take effect?
Hmm... It might vary but I think it's about one month.

5. It's boring to roll for 10 minutes! What should I do?
Listen to music or watch TV! As long as you still can roll it while doing something else. Hehe

6. What time of the day do I roll it?
Anytime is alright! Personally, I use it before I sleep. However, if I want to relief muscular aches after a long day out I would roll it in my bath!

7. Where can I buy them?
I bought mine from SASA! You can get them online too or else from Japanese websites if you can understand them. (^^)

I'm going to show you two scans from Popteen 2009 which I think will be great for beginners to get an idea of where to roll and such.

The dotted points are parts which they 'pressed?' on.
The arrow ones sows the direction they rolled.

I hope this post really helped you a lot of you are looking for some guide or such on this. Because I don't usually see stuff like this I felt that I should share it. (^^)

I had to rush this post as I have school tomorrow so I need to sleep early. Moreover, one of my eyes got swollen... (; ;) Mom said that it might be because my body is heaty. ( >w<);;;

If there is anything you want to ask that I didn't cover on, do leave a question in the comments section! I will update them to this post! Thank you~!

That's it for now,

Good Night!


  1. Quite useful but sadly I don't have the patience to do it everyday T____T

  2. does it really works ? I'm really tempt to buy one XD Btw, how much did you bought this one ?


  3. Anonymous- Yup, it works. ^^ Hmm... I don't remember the price for that one... (> <) So sorry

  4. what's up with kumiko's leg at this pic ? XD


  5. Anonymous- It's internal bleeding.

  6. What ! Internal bleeding ? How can that happen !? ><;;
    Now I'm scared to try this ~~

  7. Anonymous- !!! Don't get worried! It's ok! As long as you do it the right way, you won't get internal bleeding. I think she might have rolled too hard and rolled it in two ways (up & down) that's why. So far I have not encounter such problems. :D

  8. Ohh, I get it :D
    Thanks Neko-chan ! You're so nice >w< <3

  9. Anonymous- Glad you understood! \(^^)/ Thank you~!