April 2, 2011

How to pull off Red Lips!

'It's a classic so it never dates.' Michelle Phan

After watching my favourite make up guru on Youtube, Michelle Phan's video on Red lips, I decided to do a look on this!

Please watch the video!

So which undertone do you have?

I'm lucky since I have a neutral undertone just like Michelle Phan so I can use whichever red lipstick, whether it has a warm undertone or a cool undertone. \(^^)/

So I did my make up except for my lips. I have dry chappy lips (> <);;

Here are the red stuff I used. (^ ~)v

Lipstick- Viva Glam by M.A.C
Lipgloss- Relay Race by M.A.C
Lipliner- 6 Bordeau by Shiseido

First, line your lip. You can either draw roundish cupid bows or angular one. I think roundish cuter while angular more mature.

Then, fill it in with the lipstick using a lipbrush. For a more 'perfect' red lips, use concealer to shape your lips. This will enhance to shape of your lips more thus giving you those perfect red lips. Then pat on some powder foundation or mineral powder to set it. This will also prevent it from smudging easily!

Lastly, apply red lipgloss carefully and you're done!

Red lips can also be used for a Gothic look. For a Gothic look, I would suggest you to match it with dark eyeshadow such as black. I think I looked scary here... A little bit like Esther from Orphan. (> <)

For a more normal look, you want to keep your eyemake light so that it won't 'snatch away' the attention of your lips. Matte red lips are nice too. (^^)

I love red lips but I'm not sure whether I'll wear them out yet because they are such attention catchers! Haha! Maybe someday... Hehe. (^^);

Anyways, I used Dolly Wink No.2 with No.4 for top lash and Dolly Wink No.6 for bottom lash in this look. I haven't use No.6 for a long long time already since I'm always afraid that I might lose more of it since it's so tiny...

Would you wear red lips to go out? On a normal day or for formal events? DO you have any other tips to share? Do comment below~!

Well then,

Good Night~!


  1. sometimes i waer red lips. at a normal day or formal event both^^ I like red lips

  2. Red lip look so nice on you!

    I wear red lips when it matches my look. To school I would just pat it on and lipgloss, and when I go to clubs/cafes I put it on normally. It makes me look more mature, so me like :)
    but I have to drink and eat properly XD

    Tips? Before applying lipstick put some powder or foundation on your lips! That way it'll stay longer :D !!

    Guuu, but me thinks red lipstick suit dark hair much better than blonde. :P

  3. I like much of your eye makeup!
    And, I think those red lips looks good on you :)

  4. PetiteMiyuu- Oh I see!

    MOON- Thanks! Hmm...I think it matches blonde too actually... Maybe it's just a different red that they have to use?

    Meri and Anni- Thanks!!

  5. The red lipstick looks really pretty on you!!

    I actually never look to my undertone hahaa!

    I'll follow you! XX