April 8, 2011

April's fool


I'm really sorry for the lack of updates! m(_ _)m I've been busy these few days with studies. Studies is still the more important matter for a student like me. Hehe

Since today's a Friday I have some time to blog. \(^^)/

Recently, I've watched Yakitate Japan! It's an interesting, funny and exciting anime about bread making competitions. If you're interested in bread making or just for humour, you should watch this anime!

Ok, back to the topic...

Why April's fool? Not April fool's...

It's just the beginning of this month and it's already not going smoothly...

The other day, my mom asked me for RM150 to contribute to my Grandma's plane ticket. And because my pocket money for April is coincidentally RM150 too, it means I HAVE NO POCKET MONEY FOR APRIL. Also means I have to survive with the leftover of last month which is RM20. No one can survive with RM20 for a month even only on food! (; ;) So this month I have to be really selfish, to my stomach's satisfaction especially...

Then, last month I've promised Angel that I'll go out with her as part of her birthday wish. And the problem comes now is that I won't have enough to survive if I am going to go out...right? (; ;) Wait, do I even have money to go out......= =

Argh! I hate this month so much! Even at school we have to pay and buy so many things! Every single thing is money related. I really hate my school when it comes to money. They spend money on useless stuff but not on those that are needed. And there they increase our school fees by RM2500. If I grumble on my school it's going to take forever, so I'm not going to.

I guess for now I have to stay strong and be positive. I know it's hard but I'll just keep praying for the best and never give up. (^^) You see, sometimes you think that you're luck is really bad so you just want to give up and do nothing but sulk and cry. But hey! Look on the positive side! There are many others out there that are facing problems that are far worse than yours!

So be grateful for everything that happens as they happen for a reason. And remember, 'When God closes one door, he opens another'

I will do my best to survive through this month!!! I shan't complain but be positive. (^^)

I'm sorry for the long wordy post but I want to express what is in my mind. (^^);

That's it for now,



  1. I read Yakitate Japan! too! It's so interesting XD

    I understand your feelings! Similair events happen to me in the past too :P
    but now I have a part time job.. I kind of manage through the month :P

  2. MOON- I want to try part time job too during the holidays but I have to babysit my brother... > <

  3. aah yakitate japan! I always feel hungry when watching it, hehe..
    have u read "kinou nani tabeta?"

  4. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 - Nope, have not hear of it too. Usually I prefer anime over manga so I rarely check out mangas. Hehe.