March 26, 2011

Rilakkuma ♥♥♥

Which is your favourite San-X character?

Is it Tarepanda? Or Mamegoma?

Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiroitori

For me, it's Rilakkuma!!!

I think it's because Rilakkuma is just as lazy as me. Hahaha!

Quote from Wikipedia:
'He enjoys relaxing and his favorite things include sleeping, lying around, watching television, listening to music.'

I have only a few of Rilakkuma's products but I love them!

Rilakkuma hairtie
I've made a post on this. (^^)
Osaka kara no SAPURAIZU!

This is not an official San-X item. But it was the first 'Rilakkuma' I got which made me searched on the internet for a long long time for it's name. And when I actually found it, I was so happy and thus addicted to Rilakkuma. Hehe. I hug it every night~ <333 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

Rilakkuma that I got for last year's Christmas present. Although it is supposed to be hung on a bag or something like that, since it has that metal ball thingy to hook on stuff, I just kept it in my closet. I put it at the spot where whenever you open the closet, you see it there. Hehe

Rilakkuma file. There's so many designs to choose from at Kinokuniya but they all are costly! Ranging from pens, pencils, pencilboxes, stickers, plushies keychain, folders and more! I will try to collect more. Hehe~

Pink Rilakkuma umbrella also from last year's Christmas! I bring this to school everyday! I have only used it a few times so far. Mr Cloud please rain so I can show off my Rilakkuma umbrella!

And that's just a few of my Rilakkuma stuff! Hehe

Also, check out these videos of Rilakkuma! I'm sure you'll love it!

I want to hug you now Rilakkuma~!!! Kyaa~!

Kyou mo minna de daradara goron

Bye bye~!


  1. So cute ne ^^
    I like Hello Kitty the best, hahaha :P

  2. O...M....G... lool. I didn't know about this cute bear, but just by looking at those videos i would buy everything with his face on it..The men inside really made an effort in making it look cute and made me wanna buy ! CUTE CUTE

  3. MOON- But Hello Kitty is under Sanrio, not San-X. Hehe

    Stephanie- I wanna pinch and hug Rilakkuma~~~! Too cute to resist! <3