March 11, 2011

My sympathy to countries that are involved in the earthquake

Earthquake is still happening now at Japan. It is reported as 8.9 magnitude.

It hit Sendai, Miyagi, Tokyo and more.

I'm so scared and worried right now. (; ;) For my friends in Japan and other aspects too.

I've contacted my friend, Mi-chan and was glad she's alright. Friends in Shizuoka might be ok too? I have a friend in Miyagi. I still couldn't get into contact with her. I really hope she's alright. I have another friend in Tokyo too. But I've contacted her and I'm so glad she's alright too.

Keep looking out for news and let us all pray for Japan. (^^)

So far 26 are killed and many are missing.

It is estimated will hit Taiwan(SOON), Hawaii, Indonesia, Phillipines and Australia. I hope Malaysia will be alright and people from other countries too.

Yesterday, I have a friend who's going to Yun Nan, China for a trip. And an earthquake hit there too. I still can't get into contact with her, so I really hope she's alright.

I'm watching the news now (live) on BBC.

I nearly cry. I'm really sad to hear this.

Wishing everyone safe and sound. Keep praying.


  1. i am aso shock after knowing Japan got a very serious earthquake!!!!!

  2. I'm also watching the news, this is terrifying!! Hope the other countries will be alright... Take care!!

  3. ~ うさぎ の てんし~- Yes! yes!

    Ania- Really hope so! Thank you and take care too.

  4. I don't have friends there, but i'm still very worried because japan is such a beautil country full of amazing people. I hope they solve everything and normal life come back soon

  5. Stephanie- Yes, it's really sad to see such a beautiful country in this condition. I believe that Japanese people will be strong. People from all over the world have started donating money to them already.