March 13, 2011

Japan Earthquake Day 3


I haven't got any mood to take pictures these few days due to the incident that happened in Japan. It made me so sad. (; ;)

Today I got reply from my friend who's in Saitama. I'm glad to hear that she's fine.

The situation is not getting any better yet. They are to expect a 7.0 magnitude earthquake to strike anytime. And also a nuclear explosion that may bring side effects to many other countries.

I feel so worried and useless sitting here, unable to help. I want to donate to help them, however I still have to discuss with my mom whether it's alright to use her credit card to donate via paypal. (I don't have a card yet (> <))

I'm also feeling sad/angry at the same time seeing how people from countries such as China and US are saying that all these that happened is karma. World War 2 and Pearl Harbour... Whatever Japan had done in the past is coming back to them.

Personally I think that's just unfair. The past is the past, people have changed over time. Why can't they change too?! Forgive and forget. Is laughing at Japan a right attitude?

I'm not on anyone's side you see. I state that I am a Chinese. Even if those people are happy that Japan has got back what they deserve, have they even thought of the people from their own countries or other countries that were staying there due to work, family, vacation etc?

Here's an email posted on tumbler. (I'm sorry I forgot the link. But it was translated. The below picture is the original one.)

Below is the translation I've done...

Title: 'Rescued after being trapped in Sendai for 8 hours' If you are a Chinese, please remain silence! You are not scolding the history, but national humiliation

2011-03-12 12:07

This is an email from my friend
She has asked me to spread it around
She is in Sendai, Japan
And was rescued at dawn
Trapped for 8 hours
I hope when you've finished viewing
I hope you're a kind person
Respect others
Even if you want to show your anger
Please don't leave a trace here


Aren't we compatriots?
Just because you're in China
Just because you do not have any friends or relatives in Japan
You can say words like letting the Japan island to sink?
Are China people in Japan not humans?

What is hatred?
Can anyone tell me what is hatred?
When you're standing on the top floor where every where else is seawater
And in those waters there's your home
And in those waters there're your friends and family
Do you still know what is hatred?

They kill you, so you must kill them
If it is so then I will think that patriots with such mindset
Can come to Japan to further their studies or work
Then choosing the time where office crowds gathers after work
Grab a knife, killing everyone in their sight
I can guarantee you to be able to kill up to 100 people
I can guarantee you to be able to murder all types of people
I can guarantee you to be on the headlines
I can guarantee you to be able to fulfill your dream as a hero

But you've got to know
That in this 100 people,

There might be 10 innocent children
There might be 10 housewives that are coming back home from grocery shopping
There might be 10 work people who are working hard to support their family
There might be 10 elderlies
There might be 10 young people who are shopping
There might be 10 food delivery workers
There might be 10 who are waiting for their transport
There might be 10 pedestrian that are crossing the road
There might be 10 who don't even know why you're killing them
There might be 10 China people

Perhaps there is one person whom you want to kill
But I want to advise you,
Choose properly before you kill

I do not know of the massacre situation at Nan Jing
I hate those Japanese soldiers
I hate that they killed my China people
But today
I seemed to have seen a massacre
On the top floor
Look properly
Sendai is you patriot's heaven
The corpses are just there
Some are the body parts
Some are a complete corpse
If you have a good vision
You can see children's hands
If you are roused with spirit
You can also see some corpse that are hugged together

Do you all have sympathy?
Do you all know that in the view of nature
We human are a family

My boyfriend who's working at a company at the coastal area
Up till now we still haven't got in contact
I know that, we won't be able to meet each other anymore in this life
Who told you that this disaster only killed Japanese?
Who told you that this disaster is a revenge?
It is revenge
Revenge for the human as come

I want to live now
I want to live well
In Japan
I want to live well
I'm afraid if I die
Many will come to Japan to retrieve my life

More than 80 are trapped in the top floor
In this eight hours
They have treated me as a China people
I who have anemia felt that I could no longer sustain myself
The lady carrying a baby beside me
Gave me some milk powder
The girl who's around 20 years old helped me to look for water
And because of that
I am still here
It might not have been the milk powder that saved me
But their spirits that have saved me

Among 80 of us only two phones were working
Everyone let the China people to phone back home first
I was the second to make a phone call
Everyone lined up to let others to make their phone calls
And it continued on until there were a few Japanese who weren't able to contact their family
They have also understood that it is unnecessary anymore
They gave up

After being trapped for around 4 hours
Some girls cuddled together and cried
Some were crying by themselves
Some laying down and looked at the sky
Some were still not giving up and looking for help

I leaned against the wall
Kept looking at the Japanese lady beside me
She kept talking to her child
Made the child laugh, sleep and fed milk
I miss my mother
I want to go home

So many situations that I will never forget in this 8 hours
I have not tasted such hardship before
I thank God
I was rescued

What can I say?
I have a lot more to tell everyone
But I'm tired
I've cried till I'm tried
After the corpse are found
I might have to go and recognize them

Can I not go?
I don't want to go
I'm afraid
I have to see so many corpses
I don't want to go anywhere

I hope this email can be sent
Help me spread it around
Perhaps there will be many that will scold me
I hope you will know better

I'm tired
But I don't dare to sleep
The aftershocks continues
I have nowhere to hide
Are you looking at this?
I'm alive
Please don't worry
Get some sleep


Facing the nature
Do we still have differences in races?

Personally I felt touched when I read this. I hope you don't mind my bad translation. I tried to fit in the meaning in it because sometimes Chinese and English's writing style is different.

What do you think of this email? And what are your thoughts on the disaster that hit Japan? Do you think it is karma? Why?

Do comment below. Even if it's positive or negative.

Good Night


  1. Hello! I'm your anon from your entry from back then. I may not comment (because I do not know what to say) but I am still reading your blog! Thank you for responding, I never commented on blogs before so I was really happy.
    :) LOVE~

    The earthquake and tsunami made me sad, but the hatred is uncalled for. What they are saying about others is a reflection of what kind of person they are. I donated to Japan and I hope for them the best. Thank you for translating, its very moving. I do not believe it is karma, since we are all human. What humans did in the history of time should not be a reflection of those who are alive right now. Its history for a reason. It happened, and it shouldnt happen ever again.

  2. Anonymous- Hello Anon. Hmm... Which entry do you mean? Sorry I can't remember since I have a lot of anonymous comments.

    Yes, I believe that the past is te past and revenge shouldn't be taken on the younger generations. It's like taking revenge on the innocent children of the evil parents. Hope you understand... > <

  3. I heard about this too and i think that.. actually whatever happened in the not like every japanese living RIGHT NOW is guilty of it. If it is about karma, that means something bad is going to happen to the US and China for laughing at Japan???

  4. Stephanie- I don't think it's fair to say karma actually. Whatever humans do and say, by the end of the day whether we go up heaven or down to hell is all up to oneself's decisions.

    This is from my religious view.