March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake day 2


I'm sure many of you have seen reports on the earthquake. It's getting worst...

I saw this picture on Twitter this morning.

Above picture taken in 2000. Below one taken at 9.00am, 12/3/2011

I nearly cry when I saw the whole land is empty. Why is this happening to them?!

Also, people near Fukushima have been evacuated, due to high pressure of one of the nuclear plants. According to reports, the Japan government might have to release some nuclear gas as to lower down the pressure.

Other than that, I've saw on Twitter that some people pretended to help out the women with the motive of raping them! This is of high concern! Also, some organizations have started a fake donating scheme. So please make sure that you're donating to the proper ones!

I'm really sad to hear that people are still doing bad things in such situations. Why are they so selfish? Why are they so insincere? (; ;)

Anyways, today I received email from my friend in Hokkaido stating she's alright. I felt so happy to hear that. (^^)

I hope everyone can get into contact with their family, relatives or friends in Japan as soon as possible.

Good luck.