March 22, 2011

How I got into Gyaru style


I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Have been busy these few days, many events to attend and school has started. m(_ _)m I hope everyone is still there to read my blog... (>w<)

After watching Burlesque (4 times already) I'm still addicted to it. Haha! I love Christina Aguilera!
Currently playing: Show Me How You Burlesque from Burlesque OST

So to get to the topic today, I'm going to show you pictures of me before I got into Gyaru style. And how my style changed. Hehe

(13 years old)

Before I found out about Gyaru style, I was addicted to anime under influence of my friends. At that time, I had no particular style of my own.

No conscious of how my body weight, my looks, food intake and body growth...

I guess I ruined my body shape by sitting in front of the computer all the time. Ok, I still do but I guess it started from then... (=3=)

(14 years old)

No sense of style still, so photo poses were inspired by lala.

People from other countries might not know what lala means,

Lala are teenagers that try to look cute with cheap dress up. And photos are usually super up angle pictures, bloated cheeks, big watery eyes... And lala attitude is rude or wild.

Luckily I did not adapt the attitude part but I slightly got the poses thingy... (-o-);;

Ok, I improve in my style later on. More japanese kawaii look. Hehe... (> <)

Started to be conscious about my body weight, which has already rose up so high and have a not-so-flat waist... (; ;)

Still, never really bother to diet. Haha!

Finally looked into make up for the sake of cosplay. But my skills were terrible at that time.

I think it's because of that I tried finding how Japanese do their make up and stumbled across images of Ageha style gyaru.

Cut my fringe! (^w^)v

(15 years old)

Ageha style boom~!

Straighten my hair, wore false eyelashes and thick eyeliner...

I remember that time I used to play with make up almost every other day. It got me so interested in make up and I tried my best to improve my make up skills and my hair arrangement skills. However I still can't do Ageha hairstyles... (fails)

Around that time, I was still not fixed to a style yet. I was interested in Ageha style and lolita!

Very soon after those, I shifted into the more GAL trend which I still love now...

(16 years old)

Got colour contacts! That one thing I always wanted to be more Gyaru~!

I think it's around end of last year that I really got myself improved in eyemake up. I tried my best to read more Japanese in order to understand the tutorials in magazines. I guess it paid off well~

Also, because I wanted to look better for my blog photos, I really tried my best to look better! (^^)v

And I was able to do more hairstyles now!

Seeing how much I've changed from the previous years to now, I feel like I've really grown a lot! Haha! Time passes so fast, don't you think so? In the blink of an eye one can change so much!

I have never imagined myself to be interested in make up, hair, beauty, fashion, nails etc. few years back! And thanks to them, I have a fixed target on my future!

Many of my friends around me are still unsure about their ambitions or what they are going to do after they graduate. We'll be graduating in less than two years time and I think it's crucial to have a goal in life by now.

However, in maintaining good looks and all, a lot of money is required. I think good money management is important too! I remember how I lost track of my spendings last year until when I check them thoroughly I realized how much money had 'flew away'. (; ;) It made me so scared and sad at the same time. And because of that, I have set myself to be more money wise. And yes, I think so far I'm still maintaining that!

I have a fixed amount of money that is to be saved and not 'touched' at all and extra money to spend.

Hmm... perhaps I can post on money management? Hehe. As a student, I have only cash, no cards. But I think good money management starts with cash. If you can't handle cash, I think you will have lots of debts on your cards.

Anyways, school has started and we have got back our results for the previous examination. I got good grades, but really up to my expectations. (=3=) But I want to thank my readers that wished me good luck! I think it helped! \(^^)/

And I will try to update soon!

Good night~!


  1. wwah. do u use double eyelid glue or tape? your eyes are getting bigger xD

  2. Rin ♥ 김혜린- Sometimes I use double eyelid tape. But it's better to use the fiber thingy. It cost a lot so I'm not buying it yet... I think it's make up that made them look bigger. Because eyes don't grow bigger! Haha!

  3. You changed so much! =w=

    Are you going to dye your hair brown/blonde? :P
    oh and btw you shouldn't use double eyelid tape too often! because when you do, after a while your eyelid starts to sag :(
    it's better to use the technique where you create a crease by applying your eyelash in a certain way ^w^

  4. MOON- Yeah, I will when I graduate. :D Is it true about the eyelid tape? Because I haven't heard of it before. Why does it make eyelids sag?

  5. I think you did a great job. Step by step but one can see the difference.

  6. PetiteMiyuu- Thank you! Yes, even when I look back at my old photos I see myself changed so much!

  7. It stretches your eyelid thus making it sag T_T
    When I used eyelid glue I noticed they became more saggy, I have a hidden double eyelid but then it became single. Since I stopped using it, my double eyelid came back again. I don't think I'm going to use it again on a daily basis, since it ism't really comfortable too XD

  8. MOON- He... I see. Hmm... what about the eyelid fibre?

  9. Eyelid fibre will make youre eyelid sag too T_T
    but if you really want to use don't use the eyelid glue. it will make your skin irritate too (because it's basically glued together and it's warm and your skin can't breathe.

    I recommend only using 1-2 time a week! ^^

  10. MOON- Thanks for sharing the information!

  11. Just wanna say, you look super duper cute now! >w< -like a model a bit-

    You're a great deal of inspiration to me and I want to thank you for being a really great role model~ owo

  12. Mae- Ehehe... Thank you (^^;) I'm glad to have inspired you. (^^)