February 13, 2011

How to watch Tokyo Kawaii TV


Tokyo Kawaii Tv is about Japanese fashion trends, hobbies, lifestyles and more! It introduces lots of information on Japan!

Tokyo Kawaii TV has always been one of my favourite programs to watch! However, if you do not have it's channel at home, you'll have to wait until the much older episodes to come out before you can watch it.

That's really bad right...

So yesterday I found this application called KeyHole TV. It's really simple, you just have to download it!

And to watch Tokyo Kawaii TV, you have to search for this channel called シオドメ which is actually NHK. And the password is 'NHK' too!

There are two NHK channels. It's the first row to the left and the other one is either the second to the left or the third to the left. These two have very similar schedules. All you have to do is try and match the programmes with the ones on the schedule and you will know which is which. Here's the link to the schedule.

NHK schedule

Not just NHK, but you can watch many other Japanese channels such as Fuji TV, TV Tokyo, TBS, Nihon TV and TV Asahi.

Also, you can listen to Japanese Radio stations too!

I think it will help to listen and understand Japanese through this! Because you can't just learn Japanese without putting it to use. ^^

Oh, by the way, Tokyo Kawaii TV is going to be on NHK this

Thursday, 17 February at 1.30am Japanese time(first part)
Saturday, 19 February at 10.00pm Japanese time(second part)

It is going to be about Asian gyarus featuring Xiaxue!

I will keep you guys updated on the schedules! I think the next episode will be on Malaysia!

That's for now,

See you~


  1. Waaa thank you so much!! I love this program ♥♥ and congrats beacause your blog it's so cool! (^w^)d

  2. Anonymous- I'm glad you found out how to watch it! I love it too! And thank you for the compliment. (^^)

  3. there isnt a chane called シオドメ ...but there is already one called NHK, is that it? :O also, do u know where u can get other chanel passwords? (:

  4. jianing- It's still NHK, just that it used to be called シオドメ. I don't know other passwords... (> <) So sorry!