February 17, 2011

My latest artwork + Expressing my gratefulness + Tokyo Kawaii TV with Xiaxue part 1

First of all, I'm sorry for updating so late. m(_ _)m I hope I did not let you down. (> <)

So after not drawing for some while, I've picked up my pencil and started drawing a few days ago.

I finally tried drawing armour! What do you think of it?

After not drawing for some while... I think around a week? My drawing skills have slightly rusted. I need to adjust the proportions of her legs.

With all the homework and project from school, it is sometime quite hard to adjust the time to finish everything up. Plus blogging too, I have not much time left to enjoy... But don't worry! I will always keep this blog updated. ^^

A few days ago during our school club activities, my schoolmates told me that they enjoyed reading my blog! And they were amazed by my make up skills and the make up items I have!

-What's in my Make Up Bag [Part 1]
-What's in my Make Up Bag [Part 2]

I felt really happy!

Also, not forgetting my lovely readers and my friends who are always eager to read my blog. (^^) Arigatou Gozaimasu~!

Within 5 months of blogging (after revamping my blog), I've gained 13 followers! Thank you so much! (^^) Hontouni arigatou gozaimasu~!

By the way, have you all watched Tokyo Kawaii TV episode where they were searching for Xiaxue? I've watched it!

Photo taken with my phone. Live streaming of Tokyo Kawaii TV.

Hmmm... In case you've missed it, the episode was talking about Lie and Maiko searching for Xiaxue and while that, they met Tsuriki-chan! They fixed her make up and also taught her how to pose! Her post on that can be found here~

東京カワイイTV撮影 - 1
東京カワイイTV撮影 - 2

I think she's really cute!

Don't forget to catch the second part which will be airing on NHK tomorrow at 11pm (Japanese time)! But if you miss it, there's a replay on 24 February at 1.30am (Japanese time).

So that's it for today!

Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

Bai bai-

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