February 28, 2011

Nozomi-chan's 2 months diet!!! 太田希望ちゃんの2月ダイエット!!!


Japanese diet plans are really fascinating and unique, don't you think so?

While I was browsing through my Popteen March 2011 issue a few days ago, I saw this three page on Nozomi-chan's 2 months diet and was really impressed!

It's a really easy diet plan! All she did was adjust her daily schedule!

I thought I would share those scans with you all. ^^

Scans are from Kayano-chan! For the rest of the issue, head to her blog to view them ok? (^^) This month's issue is full of spring trends, new eyemake tips (I'll try that out soon!), chocolate recipe, diet tips and more! So it's really worth it!

Featuring Kumicky on the cover page. Do you notice her ring? I think it's really pretty!

The five main rules of her diet
1. Motivation for a better and healthier lifestyle!
2. Researching for low calories food for a better body and skin
3. Massaging her legs while taking bath in a bathtub
4. Self encouragement by imagining that she has a boyfriend
5. Competing with her friends who wants to slim down too

What do I think:

I think the first and second rule are really good. As for the third rule, I don't have a bathtub at home so it doesn't apply to me. Haha. But for the fourth and fifth rule, I think as long as having a goal to achieve as to why you want to slim down is alright too.

However, in Nozomi-chan's case, I think she went for a diet after she broke up with her boyfriend that's why.

On the top left there's a column in pink with her current lifestyle schedule and the one in blue was her previous lifestyle schedule.

She used to wake up at 1200 but now she wakes up at 0500. And used to sleep at 0300 but now she sleeps at 2300! And because of her messed up lifestyle, she used to have 5 meals a day!

So to summarize a few useful tips,

-When you sit down, do not cross your legs. Instead, sit with your legs parallel and if possible, try to put a book in between your knees and hold it there. This will help slimming down your thighs and your abdomen.

Why? This is because when you sit with your legs crossed, your lymphathic system cannot flow smoothly and therefore they will collect in your legs and causes them to look thicker!

-Sharing half of your food with your friends while having snacks after school. Sharing is good and fun, so while you share you will reduce the calories taken in too.

-Take bath for an hour daily.

Soak for 30 minutes.
Then, after 10 minutes, shower your hands and legs with water. Repeat this set for 5 times.

What do I think:

Nozomi-chan's old lifestyle is just the same as mine... (- -)''' Except that I don't take that much meals.

As for the cross legged sitting position, I think her explanation is very good! I've heard many resources stating that sitting cross legged is not good. As some said it might affect your hip bone growth.

Lymphathic flow is important! It ensure waste products from our body to flow out so that we will get healthier and slimmer!

-Lymphathic massage for beautiful legs.

Nozomi-chan does this after her bath. Basically the steps are shown in the pictures already.

-Muscle training and stretches

Air bicycle for 30 rounds
Lifting up her legs for 30 times for both sides
Stretching her waist for 10 seconds each side
Lifting her hips up and down for about 20 times

What do I think:

Lymphathic massages really works! I've tried it before on my calves and they actually appeared to be smaller! My way is different from Nozomi-chan's. Perhaps I'll show you next time!

Stretches can tone up your body. Meaning less flabby thighs and arms! It also helps giving a better body figure. (^^)

Hmmm... Nozomi-chan's diet plan seems easy enough to try, don't you think so?

I think it's a good way to change your lifestyle! Health is really important, don't you think so?

I used to try to slim down with lots of methods but I'm not determined enough so diet plans always fail for me..... (; ;) But I think I want to have a better lifestyle so I might try this out!

So what do you think about Nozomi-chan's diet plan? Is it worth to try? Will you try it?

So tell me your answers below!

I hope this article helped you in looking for a new way for dieting healthily. And please correct me if I got any parts wrong as my Japanese is self-taught.

Bye bye~! \(^w~)/


  1. Thank you for the scans!
    Ah~ Kibou chan is great to be so motivated! I couldn't jog so early in the morning (>A<;;) She shouldn't need to imagine she has a boyfriend to diet! I suppose they have a different mentality in Japan~~
    Btw I love your blog♪

  2. Reibunny(^-^)♫- Credits to Kayano-chan for the scans!

    I can't jog early in the morning too... But I think an afternoon jog is good too!

    Yes, Japanese do have a different view sometimes.

    Thank you for liking my blog! \(^^)/

  3. Thank you for explaining what's going on on these pages xD I can't read japanese so this was very helpful and I'm not going to cross my legs anymore. ^w^
    I think this diet plan makes sense and I will follow some of her rules :D

  4. Lu- You're welcome!

    I'm trying not to cross my legs too >w<