February 26, 2011

How to tie Twintail Ribbon Hair


It's finally Saturday! Today I will show you a tutorial on twintails ribbon hair!

To start, comb your hair thoroughly. Then split it into two parts.

Tie them up into two high ponytails. For on side of the ponytail, tie it as shown in the picture. The blue colour hair tie part is for the ribbon. (^^)

Curl the ponytails. I've used Mix curls (curling outwards then inwards).

Now for the ribbon.

I've changed the hair tie here from the thick blue one to a smaller hair tie. Curl it outwards then pin it. Do both sides. For the middle of the ribbon, I've use a ribbon clip to cover it.

For the two ponytails, I've pin them up this way to give it more volume. Also teasing the ponytails and separating the curls helps giving more volume too.

And it's done!

I think this hairstyle is great for a younger sister look. It's really cute!

Notice my eyemake today? I've used Dolly Wink No.2 that I bought yesterday!

It's really comfortable and beautiful! I've added Dolly Wink no.4 at the ends. (^^)

Outfit for this post~!

Actually, I think the ribbon would work out better if you have more hair or thicker hair than me. I have lots of hair but they are really thin. (> <)

If you have less hair or thin hair, I suggest you to skip the ribbon part and just tie the twintails and add a ribbon. (^^)

Also, I think it's better to not curl the fringe. Instead straighten it. My fringe is growing so fast so I had no choice but to curl it up or else they'll poke into my eyes. (; ;)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Off to studying for my exam now. Bye bye~


  1. kawaii~ desu!!!! i dun think i can do that cause i dun have the curl curl thingi at home haha

  2. ~ うさぎ の てんし~- Awww... You can come over to my house. ^^

  3. kyaa...thanks for the tutorial, I'd like to try it too someday~ and your blog is really a must follow~ I love your blog xD~

    sincerely from your new follower~

  4. Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린- Thank you! Do try out the hairstyle! Ganbate!

  5. omg yet again something i've been trying to find when cheesie used this hairstyle in one of her posts! omg ur the best!

    i shall follow you cuz ur answered 2 of my crazy questions... one the eyelashes and two this one ^^

  6. chibirubie- Hehe. ^^ Thanks for your comment.

    I don't remember seeing Cheesie in this hairstyle... > <

    Thank you for following! <3 I like your personality! Haha!

  7. hehe thanks! and i love ur site! <3

  8. blitzzy- Thank you~! \(´∀` )/