February 21, 2011

How to care for your colour contact lens hygieneness~


Today I'm going to teach you on taking care for your colour contacts (Karacon is the short form for it in Japanese! (^^)v )!

Karacon are an essential for Gyaru make up! But beautiful girls can't just take care of their looks but neglect their health!

You may have heard of cases where people getting eye infection or nearly cause themselves blind because of lenses. However, if you take good care of your karacon's hygiene, you CAN prevent all these!

Here are two of the three Karacon I own. (^^)
Up- Geo Dolly Green
Down- Geo Dolly Brown

My third pair is Geo Nudy Blue which I only wore once for cosplay! It was for Kiyal Bachika's cosplay. (^^)

The solution I used is Solo Care Aqua by Ciba Vision. It's an multipurpose solution. (^^)

The first pair of lenses I tried are from Ciba Vision. They were so comfortable!

The reason why I like using multipurpose solution is that you only need one bottle to settle everything! And it saves space when your travelling too~!

And oh! Before handling contact lenses, make sure you wash your hands clean and dry them with a towel!

First, place the lens on your palm. Drip a few drip of the solution on the lenses.

Then, using your other hand's index finger, gently rub it in circular motion for 10 seconds. Guru guru~!

Next, place the lens between your index finger and your thumb and also gently rub it (guru guru~!) while dripping the solution. Also for 10 seconds! (^^)

Now pour out the old solution in your lens case and rinse it with the new solution. Pour, then add in new solution.

Now you can put your lens back into the case and close it tight! You will need to let it soak for at least 5 minutes before wearing it!

I cleaned my green contact lens too. (^^)v

Also, one more point to keep your eyes from getting infected, remember to wear contact lens before applying make up and remove them before removing make up!

Although there are many steps in keeping them clean, if you do them on a regular basis (or you have an extremely good memory, hehe), I'm sure you can remember these steps!

This post is just covering on how to keep them clean. Perhaps I will do another post soon more on karacon!

At last, happy wearing karacon and looking beautiful while taking care of your eyes! Eyes are really important to us in viewing our beautiful world!

Bye bye~!


  1. Thanks for this helpful post!^___^*This steps are really a must if you have contacts!~ &You look so pretty!<3
    Have a lovely day,~