February 5, 2011

Chilling out at my friend's house~!


It's the second day of Chinese New Year! Did you all receive many angpaus?

Today I went to Estee's house!

Some pictures I took at home...

Morning's eyemake

Again, my camera couldn't capture the colour of the one piece...

With Estee~

I missed her so much ever since she moved. Let's go out sometime later!

After visiting her family, my family and I went back home to welcome our relatives from Singapore. ^^ I did not take any pictures with them yet, so sorry...

Anyways, we all went for dinner (It's the fourth time this week!) and here are some photos of me (again, haha).

Dinner's eyemake. I DID NOT use Tsubasa's Dolly Wink eyeshadow. Check out my tutorial here.

And my outfit. My mom chose this. I think it looked kinda like AKB48 style. Haha.


Ok, this picture is going to be one of my favourite pictures.

Had a great day today visiting Estee and also meeting my cousin from Singapore.

I'm sorry for sniffing in your bedroom all the time(Estee)and during dinner (my cousin) because I had flu... (; ;)

And oh! My cousin told me at the dinner that one day she went shopping at Orchard Road, she saw Xiaxue and Kaykay! They were filming this video for Maybelline's Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara!

I envy her!

So that's it for today. I'm going shopping tomorrow with my cousin and my uncle at Sungei Wang! Ahhh... too bad I can't buy shoes as they said that if you buy shoes during Chinese New Year you will 'sigh' the whole year since shoe is pronounced as 'Hai' in cantonese which is equivalent to the pronounciation of sighing in Cantonese.

I guess I'll just go and look for more clothes!


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Relatives - Shinzoku
Shopping - Kaimono


  1. Blog walking..
    Im super envious at your skill on wearing fake eyelashes.. ;A;
    i couldnt even put wear it properly.
    sigh.. lol

    keep up~

  2. Nana- It's all about practice, practice! ;D

    That flower pattern dress looks incredibly cute ♥