February 3, 2011

Ank Rouge Seifuku

Ank Rouge Seifuku line has launched!

Congratulations to Okarie for bringing her clothing line to another phase! I'm sure many Japanese girls will wear them to school. Haha!

So, here's a few images from Ank Rouge's website!

This is my favourite look!

Aren't they cute and moe? Kyaa~!

Too bad that schools in Malaysia isn't like in Japan where we can wear uniforms of our desire...

For more of the collection check out Ank Rouge's website!

And now, photos of Okarie herself from her blog!

And now photos of me! Hehe~

Today's eyemake. I tried Hikarin's eyemake style, which is placing the bottom lashes more apart from the top lash. Hope you get what I meant...

I think it looked weird on me though... What do you think of it?

Today's outfit. Somehow the camera did not capture the colour (?!)

And I've used Kate Ex-5 to shade my nose! It's available at Watson for around RM40.

And I bought this Hadalabo trial set too. Since it came in a pack, I can try all of them without spending so much on each. Hehe.

My opinion is that it does moisturise. However, the cleanser had this weird smell that I really hate.

And finally, something terrible happened today. My brother broke my hair straightener! It snapped into two! (; ;)

Mommy said that he'll pay me back a new one so at least I'm relieved to hear that.

So that's it for today! I have to wake up early in the morning and visit my friend!

And oh! Gong Xi Fa Chai!


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