January 14, 2011

About me

I enjoy reading other's 'About Me' section so I thought I would share my 'About Me' too. ^^

I got this from Kayano's blog. I liked the questions there that's why. ^^

Let's go~!

Name: Hanie

Nickname: Honey, Henii(In Katakana), Neko

Birthday: 31 October 1995

Birthplace: Kuala Lumpur

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Occupation: student

Blood type: B+

Hobby: Indulging into Gyaru style, make up, watching anime, reading manga, shopping, drawing, reading blogs, blogging and chatting!


Height: 152cm

Weight: 43kg(fat > <)

Style: Gyaru

Hair: Natural hair. Currently growing out my hair. Also growing out my bangs but might want to give up growing it and trim them back to full front bangs.

Charm point: Eyes?

Style icon: Okarie, Kumicky, Mizukitty, Hikari, Tsubasa, Nishino Kana


Food: Sweet stuff tops the list!

Fruit: Lots of!

Drink: Water, bubble milk tea, coffee, juices

Sport: walking, skipping, dancing

Singer: Nishino Kana!

Tarento: Tsubasa!

TV show: Tokyo Kawaii TV and anything related to my hobbies! I like dramas with great plot too!

Magazine: Popteen, Gothic and Lolita Bible, Kera, Popsister

Model: Okarie, Kumicky, Mizukitty, Hikari, Kaepyon

Idol: Nishino Kana

Anime: Lucky Star

Character: Rilakkuma

Game: Cooking Mama, Taiko no Tatsujin

Animal: Hamster, dog

Colour: pink, white, red

Number: 7

Season: Summer

Flower: Tiger Lily

Word: Hehe, lol


If you can wish for one thing, it'll be...: infinite wishes that can be undo if I regret them.

You are the happiest when...: with my family anf friends, when I acheive something, good news

Dream occupation: Professional make up artist and able to launch own collection

People you admire: People who are successful yet still have good manners

An animal that you think you look like: bunny or cat

When you were little you wanted to be...: an artist

Which mobile phone are you using?: Sony Ericsson K550i

Your current ringtone: Kimitte - Nishino Kana

What do you want the most now?: Money

Where would you like to travel?: Japan, Singapore, China, ong Kong

What do you eat everyday?: rice, snacks

What do you want to be in the future?: A successful lady in her career and also will be able to take care of her family well.

I want to know about yours! Do tell me or blog and leave the link on my comments section so that I can check it out!

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