January 31, 2011

My outfit and eyemake on 29/1/11 +Cross-eyed Opossum


I'm sorry for the lack of updates! I was so busy till I didn't even have time to go online.

But I did took pictures despite that!

So here's my outfit on 29/1/11

I wore this dress to my parent's company dinner.

And this is my new room wear that I got from my cousin. It's really cute and comfortable!

Here's my eyemake for that day. It's Neko me.

I'm not sure where I read from, but Neko me is getting popular recently so I tried to wear it out. Hehe

And a few photos of me~

I'm finally able to successfully wink with my other eye open!

Hengao (Weird face)

If you have read about the news on the cross-eye opossum, I'm sure you have seen te picture at the corner. When I show my mom that picture she was telling me how weird it looked. So I pulled off that expression and she was laughing. Lol!

And that concludes my short update!

I went shopping for some stuff for Chinese New Year but did not find all of the items I wanted to find. Hopefully I get to go shopping tomorrow so that I can get all on my list! I will make a blog post on that too!

See you~!
January 24, 2011

Ojikawa & Obakawa BOOM!!! おじカワとおばカワBOOM!!!


Today I'm here to tell you about the recent Ojikawa and Obakawa style in the Gyaru trend!

I've got some scans from Popsister to explain it more clearly!

So, what is Ojikawa and Obakawa?

Ojikawa style is a 'English grandpa like style' plus the cute (kawaii) element.
Obakawa style is a 'Granny like classic style' plus the cute element too.

Lesson 01
The three main points

1. Classic yet lady-like
2. Overdressing with volume knit wear
3. Three dull colours combination

1. Brown as the 1st base colour
2. Checkered print
3. Selecting mannish items

Here are the must have items of Obakawa style!

1. Bow tie blouse
2. Retro bag
3. Gobelins item [It means items with rich pictorial design]
4. Passive colour leg wear
5. Rib knit wear
6. Loafer pumps

Examples of the style are shown by the models by combining

From the right~

1. Bow tie blouse + Gobelins item + Passive colour leg wear + Loafer pumps
2. Gobelins item + Rib knit wear + Passive colour leg wear + Loafer pumps
3. Bow tie blouse + Retro bag + Passive colour leg wear
4. Rib knit wear + Retro bag + Passive colour leg wear + Loafer pumps

As for the Ojikawa items...

1. Simple shirt
2. Checkered print jacket
3. Oxford shoes
4. Passive colour hat
5. Grandpa pants
6. Trad vest

Examples shown from right to left

1. Passive colour hat + Checkered print jacket + Simple shirt + Oxford shoes
2. Passive colour hat + Uncle pants + Oxford shoes
3. Checkered print jacket + Trad vest + Oxford shoes
4. Trad vest + Simple shirt + Oxford shoes

I'm sorry but I don't really know how to translate this part... but I'll try my best. Hope you get it!

From the top right...

- Using Retro A line one piece to create Obakawa style!

Top left...

- Warm knit wear item....?

1. Focus on white knit wear and lesser on other oba style items

2. Chiffon wears that brings cuteness....?


- Using antique items for that vintage feel power up

1. Highly designed bag with simple coordinate accent

2. Retro knee up skirt that brings freshness to the look....?


- Brown and dandy style coordinate is recommended

1. Overall adult suite's colour is important!

2. Chic comfortable dolman shirt with black brings out the mannish look!

Bottom right...

- Prints on prints style impact plus!

Bottom left...

- Use grandpa's instead of uncle's vintage accessories

1. The shape of the necktie...

2. Beret & loop tie make you look like academic Ojikawa style

And that's it!

This post took me so long to translate and put them into sense.....

I'm really sorry that my Japanese language skills are limited so I couldn't elaborate more on this post. I'm self taught and I'm learning more and more everyday!

If there are any corrections please point them out so that I can change them!

Personally, I find this style really cute! I like both Ojikawa and Obakawa! Which style do you prefer?

Hopefully you enjoyed reading them! That's it for now!

Bai bai~
January 20, 2011

Would a change be good?

Hello again!

Here's a recent picture that I took.

Some while ago, I decided to grow my fringe and try side sweep bangs.

But right now, I think I want that pattsun kawaiiness back. > < What do you think of me with side sweep bangs?

Also, if you noticed, I've tried sticking double eyelid tape to get a deeper and higher parallel double eyelids. But I think it made me look sleepy > <

I think I might cut my fringe back to pattsun this weekend for Chinese New Year! I want to look best on Chinese New Year so I'm trying to get everything I need and practice styles. It's once in a year right? Hehe. Also, mommy has requested for me to do her hair. Haha. I need to practice more styles!

I have lots of studying to do recently. Today's a holiday but I'm going to have a History test tomorrow (- -);;;

I tried doing a video tutorial on my foundation routine but I failed because I tend to do things like that slowly. I'll try to post a picture post, ok?

Distance - Nishino Kana

Good day!

Nishino Kana's new Single 'Distance' is finally out 9/2/2011!

Track List:
1- Distance
2- Beloved
3- Call Me Up

Distance PV download



Naze na no nani shitemo
Kizukeba kimi no koto kangaeteru
I just don't know what to do

Kimi no kotoba hitotsu dake de
Mai agattari ochitsuitari shite
Watashi janai mitai
but you don't know how I feel

Itsu ni nattara
Kizuite kureru no
Kono kokoro kimi ni zenbu agetai no ni

Oikakete mo
Oikakete mo
Konna ni suki na no ni
Matenai yo
everytime everywhere
Kimi no kokoro wo misete yo

Nani yori motto
Dare yori motto
Kimi wo shiritai kara
addicted to you
Kimi shika mienakute

Naze na no kimi no mae ja
Kawaiku itai no ni kara mawatteru
I just don't know what to do
Kimi no suki na uta wo kiite
Kimi no suki na fuku wo kite mo
but you don't know how I feel

Itsu ni nattara
Kizuite kureru no
Kimi dake no tokubetsuna hito ni naritai no

Oikakete mo
Oikakete mo
Konna ni suki na no ni
Matenai yo
everytime everywhere
Kimi no kokoro wo misete yo

Nani yori motto
Dare yori motto
Kimi wo shiritai kara
addicted to you
Kimi shika mienakute

Konna ni setsunai dake nara
Kono kokoro ni kagi wo kaketai kedo
Mou tomerarenai yo
Kimi ga ii no
Doushite mo doushitemo
can't stop my love for you

Oikakete mo
Oikakete mo
Konna ni suki na no ni
Matenai yo
everytime everywhere
Kimi no subete wo misete yo

Nani yori motto
Dare yori motto
Kimi wo shiritai kara
addicted to you
Kimi shika mienakute

That's it for my updates on this post.

Bye bye~

P.s: Google search for the single download! I'm not posting it here because I do not want to get any copyright warnings! (>w<)
January 16, 2011

Deco folder!


As I'm taking art class at school, we're given an assignment to decorate our artwork folder!

We had to make the folder from Manila card and deco it ourselves. Here is what I decorated!

First side was a Girly Sweet theme! It's kinda inspired by those antique-y style.

Second side was a Mysterious sweet theme! I would've have elaborated more if there was more time. Hehe

Here's the inside of the folder. I didn't decorate it much because I'm lazy. Hahaha

Unfortunately, my dear finger suffered a burn... It's now swollen. Hopefully it won't leave a burnt mark on my finger...

By the way, NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV is in Malaysia! They were filming about Gyaru. Cheesie and Audrey tweeted and blogged about joining them for the filming! I wanted to go so badly but I couldn't because I had to attend church service and I also have no transportation. I can't drive yet since I'm just 15+... I think this might be one of my biggest regret of this year! And it's just January! > <

Did any of you went to the filming or saw Cheesie and Audrey?

Also, Chinese New Year is coming soon! I'm excited about it already and have a few items that I would like to get for this festival. Hopefully I can get them before the festival! How are your preparations for Chinese New Year coming along? Hopefully you'll have a merry one!

It's a short post for today. I have school tomorrow. *cries*

Good Night!

Update: I brought the file to school to pass it up today and everyone complimented on it! I'm so happy! Yet, they kept asking me how come I have so much time to decorated the file and also finish my homework! ^^
January 14, 2011

About me

I enjoy reading other's 'About Me' section so I thought I would share my 'About Me' too. ^^

I got this from Kayano's blog. I liked the questions there that's why. ^^

Let's go~!

Name: Hanie

Nickname: Honey, Henii(In Katakana), Neko

Birthday: 31 October 1995

Birthplace: Kuala Lumpur

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Occupation: student

Blood type: B+

Hobby: Indulging into Gyaru style, make up, watching anime, reading manga, shopping, drawing, reading blogs, blogging and chatting!


Height: 152cm

Weight: 43kg(fat > <)

Style: Gyaru

Hair: Natural hair. Currently growing out my hair. Also growing out my bangs but might want to give up growing it and trim them back to full front bangs.

Charm point: Eyes?

Style icon: Okarie, Kumicky, Mizukitty, Hikari, Tsubasa, Nishino Kana


Food: Sweet stuff tops the list!

Fruit: Lots of!

Drink: Water, bubble milk tea, coffee, juices

Sport: walking, skipping, dancing

Singer: Nishino Kana!

Tarento: Tsubasa!

TV show: Tokyo Kawaii TV and anything related to my hobbies! I like dramas with great plot too!

Magazine: Popteen, Gothic and Lolita Bible, Kera, Popsister

Model: Okarie, Kumicky, Mizukitty, Hikari, Kaepyon

Idol: Nishino Kana

Anime: Lucky Star

Character: Rilakkuma

Game: Cooking Mama, Taiko no Tatsujin

Animal: Hamster, dog

Colour: pink, white, red

Number: 7

Season: Summer

Flower: Tiger Lily

Word: Hehe, lol


If you can wish for one thing, it'll be...: infinite wishes that can be undo if I regret them.

You are the happiest when...: with my family anf friends, when I acheive something, good news

Dream occupation: Professional make up artist and able to launch own collection

People you admire: People who are successful yet still have good manners

An animal that you think you look like: bunny or cat

When you were little you wanted to be...: an artist

Which mobile phone are you using?: Sony Ericsson K550i

Your current ringtone: Kimitte - Nishino Kana

What do you want the most now?: Money

Where would you like to travel?: Japan, Singapore, China, ong Kong

What do you eat everyday?: rice, snacks

What do you want to be in the future?: A successful lady in her career and also will be able to take care of her family well.

I want to know about yours! Do tell me or blog and leave the link on my comments section so that I can check it out!

Let me show you half of my face! すっぴん!+ Taking eye make pictures tips~

Hello again!

Today I'm going to show you the differences between one side of my eye with eye make and one side of my eye without eyemake!


Ok, here you go...

I-I look weird don't I? No expression on my face too...

In this picture you can see the different size of my eyes. Looking really odd. v( ̄∇ ̄)

Eyelashes used: Top; Daiso Voluminous type 11, Dolly Wink No.4 Bottom; Dolly Wink No.5, Dolly Wink No.8 two point eyelash

Eye make type: Manmaru me

I was just back from school when I took this picture. So please don't mind my hair and uniform (>人<) ごめん!! I did not do any foundation or blusher too. Please don't mind it too...

The other thing that I want to share is how to take pictures of eye make!

When it comes to taking eye make pictures, you want them to look clear and shadow-less like in the magazines. So use a good camera! I'm sorry for using my phone camera here. I still haven't charge my camera's batteries. m(_ _);m

With mirror.

Without mirror.

Tip 1: Light, brightness, REFLECTION!!!

You want pictures to look bright so that your skin will look fairer. So use a mirror and tilt it slightly, you will see the light being reflected and shine towards the area of your eye. Ah! Make sure the light source is at a place where you can reflect it!

Tip 2: Getting rid of that shadow.

Using a mirror can get tid some of the shadow. But the shadow from your camera might still be seen. To get rid of it, just tilt your camera slightly outwards.

Tip 3: To look or not to look.

In my opinion, not to look directly into the camera lens looks better. But don't look all the way to the side too! Just slightly shift your view to somewhere else. The picture will look more natural.

Tip 4: Photoshop

Of course! Photoshop away any no-no s and adjust the brightness and contrast too! I prefer using the 'curves' adjustment. I'm using Photoshop CS5 now. (CS6 is out!)

And that's it!

I hope this post helped you out! Do request for tutorials or anything else! I'll do them if I'm capable to!

That's for now,
January 3, 2011

I'm going to drown..... I'm going to drown.....



(ж^□^ж)ノ Happy new year☆*゚*★

I'm sorry for not blogging the past few days. m(_ _)m

I was busy sending emails to Japan!

I've made a new friend from Japan and she's called Miho!

And also Kaho!

Also, my Japanese buddy, Yuki, finally replied my email after months of waiting! \( ● ⌒ ∇ ⌒ ● )/


That aside, it's first day of school. (∥ ̄■ ̄∥)

I can't believe my holidays passed by so quickly!

And I had to say goodbye to my 6.5cm - 8cm long nails... (counting the white part only)

I love you, my nails~

And I cut them..... It was quite hard to cut them since they were so long and with me trying to keep them cut nicely.

Me with short stubby fingers.

So today was the first day of school.

Here in Malaysia, when we enter Form 4, we will be streamed to different subjects. In my school, it's Science and Commerce.

I wanted to go Commerce but because I excelled in my PMR, I was put into Science class!

I know that many people are trying hard to get into Science stream, but I'm not interested in that at all.

Just as I walked in and sat down in the class, I could already feel that I don't want to be in this class. (´∩`。)グスン

I've written a letter and hopefully I can go to Commerce class as my career path is more to that.

When you're forced into a certain class, don't you just felt like

You've just been pushed into a deep pool and struggling because you can't swim. And inside your mind you're telling yourself, 'I'm going to drown..... I'm going to drown.....'