December 17, 2010

Sneak peek of my doujins!

Good evening!

I'm currently rushing to touch up my doujins! It's going to be done soon! Yay!

A little bit more on my cosplay, I need a black pouch! > <

Thanks to the doujin thingy, I got terrible panda eyes! But the worst thing about my cosplay now is, I haven't receive my Konata wig!!!!!!!!!! I hope it arrives by tomorrow as I need it for day 2. If not, it beats the purpose of having it then. Because I'll have to wait for another anime convention. T T

Please buy my doujins~! For the sake of my Panda eyes > <

Gotta continue work now. Bye bye!


  1. hi neko! it's really interesting and cool to see you working on your cosplay...

    it hope your konata wig arrive sooon..

    i think your cosplay will be superb! <3

  2. Kelly_konomi- Thank you so much! I hope the wig arrives tomorrow! > < Will be posting up pics of my cosplay~

  3. Wow, you have a good talent in art! I love it. :) You are into cosplay is it? Are u in Malaysia right now? I click thru my Nuffnang exchange out of curiosity and you have a very cute blog. Nice to meet you.

  4. mrsdjones- Thank you. I'm really into cosplay, and yes, I'm in Malaysia.