December 15, 2010

How to cut full front fringe

Full front fringe or pattsun, is a very popular hairstyle! It makes people look cute instantly!

In this tutorial I used my wig for my Kiyal Bachika cosplay!

Read till the end first!

Since it is a wig so it might be slightly different from cutting real hair.

One good tip is to lay newspaper on the floor before cutting the wig so that you don't need to sweep them up later.

First part out the bangs from the rest of the wig.

The wig I'm using is a heat resistant wig. So here I'm using a straightener to straighten the hair first. For real hair this is not necessary.

Parting the part you will cut. The partition of the fringe is a slightly curved A shape and the width where the A shape ends should be the width of the outer part of your eye pupil.

Always hold scissors in this way when you cut hair.

Now, the length of the fringe should be slightly above your eyes. For a wig, wear it on first then measure how long it is from the top. This is important to ensure that you got the length right! You don't want to cut it too short as wig hair won't grow back!

Cut the fringe vertically. It takes some patience to cut all of it off but it will ensure a good result!

And there you have it! Full front fringe!

I've always used this method to cut my fringe at home. It's good if you invest a pair of hair cutting scissors of you're doing it frequently! My dad used to be a hairstylist so I have these scissors at home. Hehe! You can save money and the trips you go to the hairstylist just to trim those fringe!

Remember DO NOT wet your hair when you cut your fringe. Or else it might tum out to be crooked or slanted when your hair dries!

And also if you used to have middle partition before, the fringe might pop outwards. To get rid of this, blow dry your fringe while holding it into the middle every time after washing your hair. It takes some time, but will slowly go to the shape you want.

Have fun trying!


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