December 10, 2010

ネコ目テイク Cat eyemake

I'm back! I had a cold the past few days so I was not in the mood for blogging at all. (。・人・`。))ゴメンネ But I'm alright now!

Did you notice the change to the blog background? I got the background from Ank Rouge's webpage. ( ̄▽ ̄)

That day while I was flipping through Popteen December, I saw this one piece by Ank Rouge and fell in love with it.



It's so beautiful! Especially the layering of the one piece!

Today I tried the ネコ目 (Neko me) which means cat eye look. I rarely draw cat eye. Usually I would do タレ目 (Tare me) or 丸目 (Maru me) which is the droopy eyes and almond eyes.

Lot's of 写メ(Sha me) pictures~

This picture is blurred but I still like it (○´∀`○)

A close up of the eyemake. I wore Geo Dolly Green. Lashes used are Dolly Wink No. 4 and 8 and Cybercolours's Dolly eyelash


Hmmm... maybe I should do a post next time on the different eyemake shapes?

But for now, I'll have to concentrate on my doujins. Do come to Comic Fiesta to support IMAGInation booth!



  1. >.< kyaaa doujin!

    i love your fringe in all the photos! <3

  2. Kelly_konomi- Thank you for your comment! <3 I love reading your blog!