October 4, 2010

The evil right click irritants

4/15/10's post

The right click button is a very useful button on the mouse.

It helps you to copy stuff...

And paste them...

Edit your desktop settings...

And save pictures!
That's Black Rock Shooter. ^^

Very convenient! ^^

This is my pink mouse.

And it's...

Made in PRC [The people's republic of China]
Ohjustsobrilliant. = =;

I've bought it four months ago. Only that. And the right click button is already malfunctioning.
China stuff don't last. They only want money. My phone too, it's an imitation. I was cheated by the seller. I regreted it. The system breaks down once in a while; It will turn blank until it regains it's mood to funtion properly again... or maybe when I say that 'I hate imitation phones. I want original phones'... or maybe 'I hate this phone. I wanna change it.' I bet it's sobbing now.... It's right in front of me where I'm typing. Don't break down just yet. Wait till I get more money. Muahahaha

Thus, it is almost impossible for me to do those above.
I will need to click like this......
To get that right click menu out. Sometimes it doesn't work too...

This is my second mouse. My first mouse was abandoned because of this too...
I'm gonna change you now, pink buddy.

Gosh, I really can't believe I'm gonna put this pink thing away so soon. Hopefully I'll get a cuter one. Pink or Red? [Sorry, no blue. XP]

P.S: Oh wait, it's kinda funtioning a bit now... Maybe it has been traumatized by me...

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