October 10, 2010

Cosplay Make up コスプレメイク

Sorry for not updating the past few days!

I was taking my sweet time editing this video...

Previously I have mentioned... wait did I?.... that I have a tutorial stucked in my camera as the cable is nowhere to be found. I want to post it up so much! Without any other alternatives, I decided to film this video on my webcam. Sorry for the low quality video... It somehow becomed fuzzy after I uploaded it to youtube. Gomenne!

I couldn't adjust myself to put on foundation in front of the camera... I'll practice on facing the camera from now on...

If there is anything that you do not understand, do post a comment below! Can't wait to eat some taiyaki!

Items used in this tutorial...
Eyeshadow- M.A.C Vanilla, Maybelline Trio eyeshadow 04 Three chocolate (the medium one), M.A.C Espresso, M.A.C Antique, M.A.C Sugarwhite
Eyeliner- Koji Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner, Colour sense shimmer glide eyeliner (black)
Eyelashes- Kiss me 03
Mascara- Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express
Contour- Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
Highlight- M.A.C Sugarwhite
Eyebrows- Dior (Sweet Pink colour)
Blush- M.A.C Rose Quartz
Lipstick- M.A.C Myth
Lipgloss- M.A.C Sweet Inspiration


P.s: Can't wait till PMR is over! One more day to go! After that I shall be more active in blogging!


  1. OMG.... u smile until so CUTE....xD haha

  2. Kawaii! Ummm...What is the name of the song? I remember I heard it somewhere but I just don't remember the name of the song. I'm also a cosplayer! Nice to meet you!

  3. Thank you Neko-chan!! Arigatou! Please go check out my website too!! I mean...if you don't mind that is. It's a horrible website...but if you don't mind, please go check it out! Thank you!

    Also...I love your website! You are so cute and beautiful!

  4. Hana- I've visited your blog already (^^) I miss Saya too... hehe.