October 4, 2010

34th Bon Odori, Shah Alam

7/19/10's post


The lanterns hung at Bon Odori

I know it's two days past Bon Odori already. I was sick last night so I didn't have the mood to blog. Fell better now though I still have slight headache...


Arrival at Panasonic Sports Complex (formerly Matsushita Centre)


With my mom. I seriously need to slim down. My face looks so big!


Look at the crowd!

When we just arrived, there were already people coming towards us asking for photos. It's somewhat like at an anime convention..... *rolls eyes* *sweat drop*

And we were mistaken to be Japanese... O_O

We bought ice creams. But I didn't took any pics of it because when we just had a bite, people already asked us for photos. It's so hard to even enjoy your food.


Jessie. I've flipped this pic because she wore her yukata the wrong way. XD
It's supposed to be left over right [left over rice] instead of right over left [rice over left?! what turf] I had to accompany her to the portable toilets to help her change her yukata direction. *laughs hard* It took about 5 to 10 minutes in there. I bet the people out there would be wondering what we were doing in there.


Me. It was crowded and hot so I start to sweat even before the festival begins. My eyeliner smudged. fml...


The drum performance. It started sharp at 7pm. Not like chinese weddings where they tell you the dinner starts at 7pm but it actually starts at 9pm. So never be on time for chinese wedddings. lol

I dunno why but mostly the pics that I took that day was blur MAX. I guess that's what short people gets... Because I ended up stretching my hand high up an took the pic. Obviously I didn't see what I was taking lah.


Jessie, after the first dance. Here I didn't flip the photo. She finally wore it right. Haha


Me. Sweating like a pig.
Oh, and I think I saw
kusakabemisao.com there. Can I have the pic you took?


Then we heard sounds and ran to the performance area to watch the performance. It was going to end already when we managed to squeeze ourselves in to watch. Then the dance started just after the performance. So we squeeze through the crowd to join the second part of the dance.


Just as the dance starts

FML max at this part. There was this hand movement where you hold the fan and swing your arms in the air. The girl beside me slapped right on my eye. It hurt so much and my lashes fell halfway. urgh.....


After the dance finished, we decided to go grab some food coz we haven't had anything after the ice cream. = =
I must say, this shaved ice booth has the longest que... The shaved ice was so-so lah coz it only had ice, little bit of toppings and vanila ice cream. And it cost us RM6. = =

Still, the whole event was enjoyable despite the lashes falling incident or the yukata incident. The dances were pretty easy too. I want

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