September 23, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 6: Kanda Myojin & Akihabara

The next day after our Disneysea adventure, I went alone to Akihabara to relax and hunt for some manga and figurines. Misato couldn't join me that day since she was still tired from the long day before, plus she isn't an otaku like me lol :P With that being the case, I asked my friends on Facebook what are the places I should visit when I'm around the area and Chai recommended me to visit Kanda Myojin which is also known as the Love Live shrine. I'm not a fan of the series to tell the truth, but since I was nearby I thought it'd be cool to check it out.

According to google maps, the closest station was Ochanomizu so I got off there and slowly walked towards the shrine. Love the scenery along the way!

The gate to the shrine is between 2 blocks of building, but there are lots of people going there so it should be easy to spot.

Colourful thousand cranes hung around the shrine ♥

It wouldn't be called Love Live shrine if there aren't any of the characters around it right? There were so many great sketches of the characters from the series/game on the ema.

Hello, I'm here visiting the Love Live Shrine a.k.a Kanda Myojin~

More of cute Love Live ema~

Overall the shrine was a pretty nice place to visit, even if you're not a Love Live fan just like me lol. It wasn't crowded when I went there so it's good for photos too. Do make this part of your itinerary when you visit Akihabara if you have some time to spare :)

From the shrine I wanted to go the the main street of Akihabara and google maps brought me towards this huge flight of stairs, and it turns out that it appeared in Love Live according to my friend. I'm glad I took a photo of it haha!

Akihabara was about 5 minutes walk from the shrine. I went on a weekday so there are cars on the road, but if you happen to go there on a weekend the roads are closed so you can actually stand in the middle of the street for photos! If only I knew and went on a weekend!!!

Gacha Gacha, UFO catcher and several arcades spotted around the long stretch of Akihabara main street.

I didn't take as many photographs that day since I wanted to just chill and enjoy walking around, plus some shops did not allow photography. There are usually several floors inside each shop so do take your time and slowly browse through their stuff and sometimes you might find some rare gems!

Some shops are even located at the basement, and it was exciting for me to explore, feels like entering a new gaming map and finding all the materials and rare gems hidden here and there lol

There are lots of second hand figurines sold here too, just like in Nakano Broadway. But the difference I find between these 2 places is that Nakano Broadway tends to offer more retro stuff whereas Akihabara offer merchandises which are more likely to be in trend or you can say more closely tied to the image of otaku culture. That said, I do enjoy both places equally for its uniqueness.

I visited Mandarake here at Akihabara too. It's comparatively smaller than the ones in Nakano since they are spread out and has a shop for each category. Whereas in Akihabara the categories are arranged by floors, taking up an entire building so it's definitely more compact but you shouldn't miss out on it too.

I manage to find a Sailormoon toy compact for 100yen and also got a few books of manga here. I also got a few figurines from the Lucky Star series around Akihabara too, there are more of them here compared to Nakano lol. Lucky Star is still my favourite series after all these years so I was happy that I finally got myself 2 Konata figurines!

Since I was out alone the whole day by myself I decided to grab dinner from a nearby Family Mart near my Airbnb place. I got Katsudon that day because of Yuri On Ice lol :P I don't think anyone got my message when I posted it on my Instastory back then but yes this is the reason hahahaha......
September 20, 2017

Jabami Yumeko photoshoot with Chelses

Last month I was invited by Chelses to join her for her Jabami Yumeko photoshoot at Cupcat Images along with Shin as the photographer. We've worked together before 2 years ago so I was really happy to meet everyone again. This time round we're shooting Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui. It's a really great series and I was so excited to know more about it's story so I went ahead and read the manga till it's latest chapter. During the photoshoot Shin mentioned how every time Chelses invited me to help her out it's always sexy characters, so we're looking forward again to the next time she calls me for help hahaha!

It was my first time visiting Cupcats and the place was really awesome, they had so many sets for photoshoot and their fluffy in house cats are always roaming about ♥ Shin also kindly let me join in and take some photos in between so here are some of the shots I managed to get!

It's always so fun to work on cosplay photoshoot and I definitely wish I can participate more often~ Everyone is enjoying what they do and it's so much fun to work on new stuff or meet new people each time.

Group photo!

You can also check out Chelses's BTS video trailer. She will be sharing the full version on her Patreon so do check it out if you're interested! Also, click here if you would like to see some of the photos took by Shin, and the rest of them are on Chelses's Patreon as well :)
September 16, 2017

Tokyo, Japan 2016 | Day 5: DisneySea

Yesterday I decided that I should sit down and edit all 65 photos from DisneySea at one go. Which obviously didn't happen because I ended up taking multiple breaks in between and got distracted by messages and notifications, but I'm glad I've got them all done and uploaded here now. I'm guessing this post has the most photos from my Tokyo trip adventures, so I'm feeling more positive about editing the remaining batches for the respective posts now that I've overcome this batch of photos.

This post will be photo heavy so there will be less words compared to images (obviously *duh*) since Disney is aesthetic and I just snap things I find interesting so I do hope you will still enjoy viewing them as you scroll all the way down (please do).

We took the train to Maihama station from Tokyo Station and boy, it was a long journey! A long one indeed when you're all ready and excited to visit The Land of Dreams.

Maihama station is the closest station to Disney Resort, which is your first stop before heading to Disneyland or Disneysea.

On board the Mickey Monorail to Disneysea! I wanted to visit Disneysea instead of Disneyland because I heard that their rides have more thrill and excitement, but of course also for its famous Mermaid Lagoon. The monorail passed by Disneyland before it reaches Disneysea, which is the last station before it goes back in a loop to Disney Resort station again, so on our journey there we were able to see Disneyland from afar too.


Misato helped me get the tickets online the night before and printed them out so we only had to scan the paper with its QR code on it to enter. It's really convenient and you use the QR code to scan for fast passes later on so be sure to keep that paper with you all day!

The day we went was a very windy day, so all our outdoor photos have hair flying all over our faces. It was pretty cold that day even with the brightly shining sun that morning. I should've known that the word 'sea' in Disneysea means that it's really by the sea with crazy strong wind...

When I say the wind is strong, it really really was. I could feel my body being blown away when I was trying to walk against the wind direction. My fingers were freezing that day but I still wanted to take pretty pictures since it's Disneysea lol.

The first location I wanted to visit was Mermaid Lagoon. I kept telling Misato over and over again how it's a must for me to go there, and when I was there I was staring in awe at how beautiful the structure is. The amazing colour, composition and texture all over it was breathtaking. I spent like a good 30 minutes outside that structure just taking photos of it lol. Thanks for your patience Misato :P

Look, how beautiful it is!!!

I didn't even notice Misato took this picture of me until she sent me that night because I was so absorbed with taking photos of the Mermaid Lagoon hahaha! I really love how my rainbow hair matched the building ♡

Some close up details of the exterior of Mermaid Lagoon.

After spending a good half an hour outside we finally stepped inside into Mermaid Lagoon itself and omg it was so beautiful inside!!!

Look how magical the Mermaid Kingdom is ♡♡♡

There is usually a show in there, but that day that we went it was unfortunately closed so I wasn't able to catch it. :'( Will definitely be back again in the future when I've saved up enough money to go again, so until that day I wish that they will keep the show going ehehehe~

I'm 'Under the Sea'!

We then left Mermaid Lagoon once I was satisfied with my photos since most of the rides there are for kids. While walking around Disneysea to get our fast passes for the thrilling rides, I saw a long line queueing for Turkey Leg so I got one too. It smelt so good and the packaging was so cute, look! It was delicious and nothing beats warm food when you're freezing in the cold. I'd kindly offer my 500yen the next time I go there for this again lol

Next we went to Arabian Coast and got a churro each since it was known as the best snack in Disneysea. The line here was even longer than the Turkey Leg one.......but I think I still prefer my Turkey Leg from before ha.ha.ha :P

We went for Sindbad's Storybook Voyage since there was no waiting time and we wanted to warm ourselves up just a while. I've never watched Sinbad so I have no idea what the plot was, plus all the conversation and narration during the ride was Japanese ^^;

A short while later it was sunset and we were just around Port Discovery when it happened and I caught these beautiful photos. The structure did look great in the morning, but I was more attracted to the Mermaid Lagoon then. When I came back here during the sunset this place looked absolutely gorgeous since the build of the structure reflects the sunlight and the tone of the sky compliments the building and its surrounding right at this moment.

The wind got a lot stronger as the sky turns dark and it was getting much colder too. Misato wanted a photo here to show how the 'incredible' hair flip mother nature can do. By then our fingers slowly lost sensitivity to touch the screen of our smartphones since it was freezing, but luckily I can still press on the buttons on my camera.

For Hire. Like really, I need a job. :X

We walked around American Waterfront where there was supposed to be a show that night but it was later cancelled due to the strong wind. In fact, all boat rides were closed that day for the same reason. During that moment we already got fast passes to the Indiana Jones ride so we weren't able to get it for Tower of Terror. We did come back later for the ride though~

Toy Story Mania was flooded with crowds of people, so we were only there for some pictures.

Playing around with distortion mirrors lol. Look at mah Oh Oh Tee Dee~

I wore the dress I got from Aymmy at Laforet.

There was still about 2 hours till our fast pass slot at Indiana Jones so we went to queue for Tower of Terror. We actually only wanted to hide from the numbing cold but we ended up queuing for the ride for around 1 hour. Oh and when we were freezing we did our exciting little dance to try and keep ourselves warm hahaha, it must've been funny when people saw us XD

At first I thought that the ride was kinda creepy, with the spooky interior and the haunted hotel concept. I also didn't know that there will be a drop but, let me tell you, it was the best ride at the park. The 2 second pause at the top lets you view the amusement part at bird's eye view and it was a stunning night scenery, before it drops you in total darkness lol.

We're so easy to spot, aren't we?

We actually went for the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride where you get a split second excitement and also the 20000 Leagues Under the Sea ride to hide from the cold before we head over for Indiana Jones. The ride was pretty alright, as I would say to most other rides at the park since I got my hopes up for the thriller rides. I guess they still had to keep Disneysea family friendly hence they made it to suit most ages. That was our last ride at the park.

Misato said that in both photos of the rides I looked so happy cause I was smiling like a little kid hehehe~ I'm the type who laughs when I'm on thrilling rides!

Afterwards we braved ourselves against the strong, cold wind and ran back to Mermaid Lagoon since there was a food hall there for dinner. I got a pizza while Misato got a seashell burger. The food was not bad and it was really nice to sit here and warm up before we walk to the station and head home.

One last view of my beloved Mermaid Lagoon before we left.

The santa hat Mickey covers are so adorable!

I was really sad to leave Disneysea because that's when it feels like reality's kicking in after a long day of fun. Such irony when I'm in Japan right... it's as if waking up from a dream within a dream, you get me? While we were on the monorail I stared at the night scenery of Disneysea and Disneyland passing by us, already missing this wonderful place. Just then, we realized that we forgot to get off at our stop which was the Disney Resort, so we traveled another round in the monorail!!! We finally did leave the place though

Also also, that 'mole' beside my eye was a mickey mouse LOL! I drew it so small that it ended up looking like a black small dot hahahaha~